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new eyeglasses

Adjusting to New Glasses

Finally, you have acquired new glasses and are ready to try them on. However, it’s very common to have to get used to wearing them for an entire day. Even if they are the right prescription, sometimes it takes a while for your eyes to

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prepare for an eye exam

How Should People Prepare for an Eye Exam?

After you’ve made your doctor’s appointment, looking into ways to get ready for an eye exam will ensure you can get the most out of your visit. Preparing before you get into the eye doctor will also help to ensure you don’t forget any important

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eyeglass glare on zoom calls

How To Reduce Eyeglass Glare on Zoom Calls

Making Zoom calls may be a quick and easy way to have meetings or conference calls, but some things can make online meetings a little less convenient. Glasses glare on Zoom is one of these issues that can crop up when you spend a lot

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how to clean eyeglasses

How To Clean Eyeglassess

For most people with prescription lenses, cleaning glasses is a necessary evil you’re forced to deal with multiple times a day. Unfortunately, their tendency to collect dust and smudges tempts us to reach for whatever soft textile is nearby. Knowing how to clean eyeglasses is

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eye exam

What Can Someone Expect During an Eye Exam?

If you’ve never been to the eye doctor, you likely don’t know what to expect during an eye exam. Every step during the eye exam will evaluate the health of your eyes and vision. The questions and steps will allow your eye doctor to determine

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