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vr goggles

Are VR Goggles Bad for Your Eyes?

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the hottest forms of gaming and socializing. VR users put on a headset that projects images in front of them to give an illusion of being in the middle of a virtual world. While this effect creates an experience

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high index glasses

What Are High-Index Lenses?

Glasses help you see because the lenses bend light. People who need more vision correction typically have thicker lenses because they need more glass to bend the light. High-index lenses make glasses thinner and lighter. If you’re tired of bulky lenses weighing on the bridge

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skin irritation from glasses

Skin Irritation From Glasses: What You Can Do

As a glasses wearer, you know the great feeling of investing in a new pair. But what happens a few days in when you notice the glasses are irritating your skin? If you find after your yearly eye exam that your glasses are irritating your

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