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Pre and Post-Surgical Eye Care

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All You Need to Know

Have you made the step to get a corrective vision surgery or have an underlying condition that requires surgery? Our doctors are here to ensure the days leading up to your operation and days following your surgery go as planned. We will work closely with your surgeon to provide you with all the information, instructions, and care to make you feel at ease. Proper preparation and aftercare are incredibly crucial for any surgery, and Art of Optiks is here to help.

At Art of Optiks, we give full attention to creating an excellent patient experience regardless of the surgery you’re preparing for or recovering from. Our talented doctors will get to know you and your eyes so they can provide you with the best care possible. We will be by your side to provide you with an informative, thoughtful experience to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Pre-Surgical Care

If you have eye surgery scheduled, receiving optimal pre-surgical care is incredibly important as these procedures help increase your operation’s overall success. This process will allow our doctors to verify your eligibility further and make sure no issues have occurred in the weeks leading up to your surgery that could potentially disqualify you from your procedure.



Once your cataract surgery is scheduled, you must follow the pre-surgery instructions precisely as directed to ensure you’re adequately prepared for the day of your surgery. During your consultation for cataract surgery, current medications will be discussed, and you may be asked to stop taking certain types such as blood thinners or drugs for prostate problems.


  • Stop wearing contacts two weeks before surgery
  • Bring a driver to your appointment
  • Fast for a minimum of twelve hours before surgery if being sedated
  • Use pre-operative eye drops three days before surgery
  • Wash hair the morning of surgery if needed


On the day of your surgery, our doctors will take measurements of the size of your eyes and determine the shape of the intraocular lens needed to replace the current lens of your eye. This allows us to confirm that you are a valid candidate for the surgery and that sedatives, if necessary, won’t cause any complications.


Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is a disease that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve over time, leading to vision loss if not treated correctly. Fluid begins to build in the front of your eye, and fluid increases the pressure in your eye as a result. There are many different surgeries for glaucoma treatment, such as selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), trabeculectomy, and shunts or implants. Leading up to your surgery, you will attend a pre-surgery evaluation to confirm your eligibility for the procedure you and your doctor have selected.


  • Stop taking any blood thinners or flagged prescription medications
  • Take prescription antibiotic eye drops leading up to surgery
  • Limit food and beverages starting at midnight the day before your surgery
  • Bring a driver to your appointment
  • No make-up, moisturizers, or jewelry
  • Comfortable loose clothing


On the day of your surgery, it is recommended to have a ride planned as mentioned above and to ensure you have followed all instructions to prepare you for your operation correctly. Our doctors will be available every step of the way to ensure you’re in good health and ready for your procedure.



When preparing for your LASIK surgery, it’s crucial that you review all information provided, so you understand the operation and know what to expect, such as potential risks, available alternatives, and much more. Our doctors will already be familiar with your eyes and lifestyle from the LASIK consultation, but a final exam is necessary to finalize candidacy before your surgery date. Patients that have chosen to move forward with LASIK surgery are encouraged to follow the guidelines below to prepare:


  • Stop wearing contacts three weeks before surgery
  • Bring a driver to your appointment
  • Continue taking regular medications
  • No perfume or make-up
  • Eat a light breakfast or lunch
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing


Our doctors have crafted these basic guidelines to help ensure the day of your surgery runs smoothly. After your LASIK consultation, you will be provided with an abundance of information and instructions that may be unique to your needs; it’s vital that you follow these recommendations, so you’ll be in optimal condition for your LASIK surgery.

Post-Surgical Care

After receiving your surgery, post-surgical care is incredibly essential to ensure proper healing and optimal vision. This process will allow our doctors to monitor the health of your eyes following surgery, verify that medications and adequate care are provided, and answer any questions that may come up in the weeks after your eye surgery.



After your cataract surgery is complete, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours, so it’s encouraged to have a ride planned for after your procedure. You will be provided with a pair of sunglasses to wear at all times to help protect your eyes from sunlight, dust, and other debris.


  • Wear provided eye shields as you sleep for three nights following surgery
  • Get plenty of rest to promote proper healing
  • Relax and don’t overexert yourself
  • Take prescription antibiotic eye drops and anti-inflammatories
  • Take prescription pain relief if applicable
  • Avoid bending and any sudden movements for three days following surgery


Our doctors will provide you with instructions on how to clean and care for your eyes during recovery. It’s incredibly important that all instructions are followed to ensure that patients achieve the best possible surgery outcome.


Glaucoma Surgeries

Depending on the type of surgery you and your doctor have chosen, you can be at the treatment center for three to four hours on your appointment day. Most patients require three to six weeks of recovery time with attention to the intensity of surgery.


  • Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes
  • Take all prescription medication provided by your doctor
  • Avoid heavy lifting and excessive activity
  • Avoid swimming pools


You will be asked to attend a follow-up appointment the following morning to remove the patch applied to your eyes, check your vision, and test eye pressure levels. You will be provided with thorough instructions for aftercare and how to utilize any prescription medications.



Your LASIK surgery will move along very quickly, and you’ll notice the results almost immediately. It’s normal for your vision to appear blurry shortly after surgery, and as you rest, it will gradually improve. There are a few guidelines that LASIK surgery patients are encouraged to follow:


  • Utilize eye drops as recommended
  • Do not rub or squeeze your eyes for a week following surgery
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes at all times
  • Wear provided eye shields as you sleep for three nights following surgery
  • Avoid make-up and cosmetics for one week following surgery
  • Do not use hot tubs or pools for one week following surgery
  • Refrain from sports and exercise for one week following surgery


Patients are also encouraged to attend all post-op appointments as these are crucial to ensuring your eyes heal correctly. During these appointments, our doctors will verify that your eyes are on the right track and test the LASIK surgery’s success through a comprehensive eye exam.

Locations & Doctors

Art of Optiks has a team of incredibly skilled doctors that provide each patient with the highest level of optical expertise and care. We prioritize providing our patients with an outstanding experience and education regarding their optical conditions. Our doctors maintain a transparent environment with each patient, so they’re aware and receptive every step of the way. With simplicity and ease, Art of Optiks will provide you with the optimal customer experience time and time again.


Currently, we have two locations that offer a variety of services to our patients. We have offices located in Wayzata and Edina, Minnesota with doctors Timothy Haupert and Victoria Whitman.

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