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Pre and Post-Surgical Eye Care Edina

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Art of Optiks Edina puts patients first, always. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with surgery preparation and care afterward. Working with your surgeon, we can provide you with the necessary information and instructions so that you feel at ease. The proper preparation and aftercare are essential to your surgery’s success, which is why our Edina doctors are committed to helping you pre and post-surgery.

Art of Optiks Edina prides itself on educating our patients so that they’re knowledgeable and comfortable with their eye care. The same goes for eye surgery. Our Edina doctors will get to know you, your eyes, and your lifestyle to give you the best care possible. You will feel comfortable every step of the way when choosing the award-winning team at Art of Optiks Edina.

Pre-Surgical Care in Edina

When you have eye surgery in Edina scheduled, receiving the best pre-surgical care will help the procedure’s success. Our doctors will check to make sure there are no issues that could disrupt your operation. Whether you have a cataract, glaucoma, or LASIK surgery, pre-surgical care is just as essential as the procedure itself. 



After your cataract surgery is scheduled, you should follow the pre-surgery instructions in the weeks leading up to the procedure. During your initial consultation, current medications will be discussed. You might be asked to stop taking blood thinners or drugs for prostate problems in some cases.

Before cataract surgery, you should:


  • Stop wearing contacts two weeks before surgery.
  • Bring a driver to your appointment.
  • Fast for a minimum of twelve hours before surgery if you’re being sedated.
  • Use pre-operative eye drops three days before surgery.
  • Wash your hair the morning of surgery if needed.


Our doctors will measure your eyes to determine the shape of the intraocular lens needed to replace the current lens of your eye on the day of surgery. It will confirm if you are a valid candidate and that if sedatives are used, they won’t cause any issues.

Glaucoma Surgery


Glaucoma can lead to vision loss when it’s not treated correctly. There are several different surgeries for glaucoma treatment, including selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), trabeculectomy, and shunts or implants. During your pre-surgery evaluation, you and your doctor will confirm eligibility for the chosen procedure.

Before glaucoma surgery, you should:


  • Stop taking any blood thinners or flagged prescription medications.
  • Take prescription antibiotic eye drops leading up to surgery.
  • Limit food and beverages starting at midnight the day before your surgery.
  • Bring a driver to your appointment.
  • Avoid wearing any make-up, moisturizers, or jewelry.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable loose clothing.


It is recommended that you have a ride on the day of surgery. Our doctors will be with you every step of the way to make sure the procedure goes well, and you feel comfortable with the process.



It’s essential to know about potential risks and other valuable information as you prepare for your LASIK surgery. The doctors at our Edina eye clinic will be familiar with your eyes but will give a final exam to confirm your candidacy.

Before LASIK surgery, patients should:


  • Stop wearing contacts three weeks prior.
  • Bring a driver to your appointment.
  • Continue taking regular medications.
  • No perfume or make-up.
  • Eat a light breakfast or lunch.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.


All of these basic guidelines will help ensure the day of surgery goes well. After the consultation, you will be given further instructions to follow as you heal.

Post-Surgical Care in Edina

Once your Edina eye surgery is over, you will be given specific post-surgical care instructions. These guidelines are vital for healing correctly and getting the best results from your surgery. Our Edina doctors will monitor the health of your eyes and ensure the proper medications and care are given. 



You will not be able to drive for 24 hours after your cataract surgery in Edina. It’s best to have a ride sorted before the surgery. The surgeon will provide you with sunglasses to be worn at all times – they protect your eyes from sunlight, dust, and other debris.

After cataract surgery, patients should:


  • Wear provided eye shields as you sleep for three nights following surgery.
  • Get plenty of rest to promote proper healing.
  • Relax and don’t overexert yourself.
  • Take prescription antibiotic eye drops and anti-inflammatories.
  • Take prescription pain relief if applicable.
  • Avoid bending and any sudden movements for three days following surgery.
  • Follow doctor instructions on cleaning and caring for your eyes.

Glaucoma Surgeries


Your glaucoma surgery recovery will depend on which type of surgery you have chosen with your Edina eye doctor. You may be at the treatment center for three to four hours the day of your appointment, and most patients require three to six weeks of recovery time.

After glaucoma surgery, it’s essential to:


  • Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes.
  • Take all prescription medication provided by your doctor.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and excessive activity.
  • Avoid swimming pools.
  • Attend a follow-up appointment the following morning to remove the patch on your eyes, check vision, and test eye pressure levels.



LASIK surgery is a fast procedure with almost immediate results. It’s normal for vision to be blurry right after surgery. Once you rest, this will improve.

There are particular guidelines to follow after LASIK surgery. Patients should:


  • Utilize eye drops as recommended.
  • Do not rub or squeeze your eyes for a week following surgery.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes at all times.
  • Wear provided eye shields as you sleep for three nights following surgery.
  • Avoid make-up and cosmetics for one week following surgery.
  • Do not use hot tubs or pools for one week following surgery.
  • Refrain from sports and exercise for one week following surgery.
  • Attend all post-op appointments to verify your eyes are on the right track.

Locations & Doctors

At Art of Optiks Edina, our patients are our top priority. We want to ensure that each person gets optimal eye care and an educational experience. Our award-winning team focuses on cultivating relationships with each patient, so we can get to know your eyes and your lifestyle.

Our Edina doctors will be with you every step of the way when you undergo cataract, glaucoma, or LASIK surgery. Giving you the crucial information and ensuring you know what the surgery will entail means you can be prepared and achieve the best results after your surgery. 

Art of Optiks Edina is conveniently located on France Avenue. Our doctors, Timothy Haupert and Victoria Whitman, will be happy to help you navigate your eye care needs, especially before and after surgery.

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