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eye exams

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

The frequency with which you get an eye exam depends on your age, overall health, and any risk factors or concerning conditions your eye doctor is monitoring you for. While there are general guidelines around how often you should receive an exam, the exact frequency

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alternatives to eyeglass

Are There Any Alternatives to Eyeglasses?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses, there are plenty of alternatives to eyeglasses nowadays. The type of alternative you choose depends on how long you’re looking to receive correction and if you’re willing to go under surgery. Discussing all of the available alternatives out there

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progressive lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses?

After the age of 40, we begin to experience more changes in our vision. Unfortunately, this causes our prescription to change, which could require several magnifying powers to correct blurry or dim vision.  Progressive lenses allow glasses to hold various prescriptions. This lens is a

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how do you know you need eyegasses

How Do You Know You Need Glasses?

Even if you still need to change your vision, talking to your eye doctor about getting new glasses is always a great idea. Continuous improvements are being made to lens technology, which can completely transform your daily wearing experience. If you’re uncertain if you need

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eyeglass prescription art of optiks

How Do You Read an Eyeglass Prescription?

After you leave your eye doctor’s office, you’ll likely have a piece of paper with your eyeglass prescription written on it. If you take a look at the script, you’ll see a series of letters and numbers. All of these letters and numbers have a

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Have 20/20 Vision

What Does It Mean to Have 20/20 Vision?

Maybe it was your last trip to the eye doctor’s office, and you were told you had 20/20 vision. Or, you once had perfect vision, and are now searching for a corrective prescription to help fix your vision. Whatever the case, understanding what doctors mean

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