What to Do If New Glasses Are Giving You Headaches
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What to Do If New Glasses Are Giving You Headaches

When adjusting to new glasses, you may experience several side effects, including dizziness, blurred vision, vision distortion, and issues with depth perception. However, one of the primary symptoms of getting acquainted with your new glasses is headaches.

Unfortunately, new glasses are prone to causing headaches due to your eyes and brain adjusting to them. These symptoms don’t last; it takes about three weeks to adjust to your new glasses. At Art of Optiks, we understand the importance of value, comfort, and style. That’s why we ensure that your glasses are comfortable yet practical.

Can Glasses Cause Headaches?

Headaches from new glasses are common, especially as you adjust to a new pair. Since your eyes are getting used to the new frame, lenses, and prescription, they might need help processing clear images. Another factor that can lead to headaches aside from adjusting to new glasses could be your prescription and lenses.

Why Do My Glasses Give Me a Headache?

headaches wearing new eye glasses

There are several reasons why you’re suffering from headaches with new glasses.

5 Leading Causes of Headaches With New Glasses

Aside from eye strain, there are several other causes of headaches from new glasses, including digital screen exposure, lens and frame issues, a change in prescription, and bright lights. 

1. Overexposure to Digital Screens

One of the leading causes of a new glasses headache is overexposure to digital screens. Several examples of this include frequent phone, computer, or television usage. Exposure to screens for a long duration, without breaks, can exhaust your eyes, leading to headaches. If your eyes are already becoming accustomed to a new frame or prescription, this exposure to screens can exacerbate the headaches. 

2. Multi-Lens Powers

Although you might have the same prescription, the lens type may differ. Another primary cause of new glasses headaches is multiple lens powers; bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses offer more than one lens power. If you’re nearsighted or farsighted, you may receive a prescription for glasses with more than one lens power. It is common to experience headaches as your eyes adjust to the new lenses. 

3. Ill-Fitted Frames

One of the reasons why you might be experiencing headaches or other physical symptoms is that your new pair of frames are poorly fitted. For instance, if the frames are loose behind your ears and don’t stay on your face, this might cause discomfort. Another factor to note is that if the glasses are too tight and apply pressure to your nose and temple, this can also produce a headache. 

4. Prescription Change

A change in your prescription can also lead to a new glasses headache. Eye strain occurs as your eye muscles adjust to seeing with the new prescription. If you are new to wearing glasses or your prescription has changed, your eye muscles strain as they work harder, leading to headaches. 

5. Bright Lights 

Bright lights are synonymous with producing headaches, either with or without new glasses. When adjusting to new glasses, exposure to bright lights for an extended period can lead to eye strain and eventually produce headaches. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce new glasses headaches where bright lights exacerbate the pain. 

What Other Symptoms Will I Experience With New Glasses?

As previously stated, aside from experiencing headaches with your new glasses, there are other symptoms you might encounter. Several of those include the following: 

  • Blurred vision: Since your eyes are adjusting to your new glasses, you might experience blurred vision even when wearing them. As your eye muscles strengthen, you’ll soon be able to see through them without obscured vision. 
  • Lack of depth perception: Problems with depth perception are also frequent, aside from experiencing headaches. You may experience slight vision alteration, creating issues with seeing faraway objects.
  • Vision distortion: Vision distortion is another primary symptom when getting used to your new glasses. Two effects you might experience with this would be barrel distortion and fishbowl.
  • Nausea or dizziness: These symptoms only occur when you frequently wear your new glasses or participate in strenuous activities that might overexert your physical energy. 

Tips for Reducing Headaches From New Glasses 

So now that you know what causes headaches from new glasses, it’s essential to note that various solutions exist to resolve this. 

Don’t Wear Your Old Pair 

Remember that for your eyes to get used to the new pair and prescription, they must gradually taper off from seeing through the old one. As the muscles strengthen, the headaches should dissipate. Switching to your old pair could potentially exacerbate new glasses headaches. 

Gradually Transition to New Glasses

Another solution for reducing headaches is gradually transitioning into wearing your new glasses. To slowly get your eyes used to your new pair, try to wear them for a few hours a day. Then, if you feel ready, you can wear them for half a day. This gradual switch will help reduce eye staring and headaches as your eye muscles adjust to the prescription.

Keep Your Eyes Well-Rested 

Aside from gradually letting your eyes get used to your new glasses, keeping them well-rested is essential. This means reducing screen time and not exposing your eyes to bright lights. Your eye muscles need rest, so you can also take 10 minutes to close your eyes and relax in a dark room. 

Contact Art of Optiks About Your New Glasses Headache Today

new eye glasses

If you’re experiencing headaches from new glasses, remember it can take a few days for your eyes and eye muscles to adjust. Follow our tips for keeping your eyes rested and preventing headaches. 

If headaches, nausea, and dizziness continue after a few days and you’re wondering, “Why do my glasses give me a headache?” contact Art of Optiks as soon as possible, so we can determine whether you need a prescription change or frame adjustment. 

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