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Signs It’s Time for New Glasses

There are multiple reasons you might feel that it’s time for you to get a new pair of glasses. This feeling is familiar to long-term eyeglass wearers, and certain signs it’s time for new glasses could be one or a combination of the following.

Scratched Lenses

If you can’t see clearly out of your lenses, no matter how many times you wipe or clean them with eyeglass cleaning solution, or even soap and water, your lenses are likely scratched, and you need new glasses. Once eyeglasses get scratched lenses, there is no way to repair them.

However, it is possible that the lens itself is not scratched, but rather, the lens coating is worn. If you have a worn lens coating, you should either replace your lenses or look for new glasses.

Unfortunately, a lens coating, whether anti-scratch or anti-reflective, cannot be repaired. It can be removed and possibly replaced, but that’s more than it would cost to replace the scratched lenses entirely.

If you have scratched lenses or the lens coating is scratched, it’s time to get new glasses. You can replace the frames or get a pair of new glasses from Art of Optiks that fits your unique style and needs.

Your Vision Has Deteriorated

deterioration of your vision

Changes to your vision can be more difficult to detect than other signs. Most commonly, vision impairments happen gradually, and you may not notice the deterioration of your vision right away.

You can test the glasses in question by attempting to read street signs or wall menus you know you could read and see if you can still read them. If not, your vision has worsened, and you need a pair of new glasses.

You can also opt for vision therapy, as your eyes and brain work together to help you see, and this method helps further strengthen the connection between the two.

Getting Frequent Headaches

For those new to the world of eyeglasses, headaches are one of the most prevalent signs that you need new glasses. Your eyes become fatigued because they are trying their best to adjust to seeing:

  • Up close
  • Far away
  • In detail
  • On screens
  • And more

Your brain works hard to translate the messages it’s getting from your eyes. Vision headaches typically occur behind or around your eyes. It’s usually not a sharp pain, but a dull ache that comes and goes very slowly.

If you notice these types of headaches and the headaches do not seem to be going away, consult with Art of Optiks to get a comprehensive eye exam. That will determine whether you need to update your prescription lenses or get new glasses for your changing vision.

Your Eyes Feel Tired

This is probably the second most common sign that it’s time for new glasses. Eye fatigue may accompany headaches, or you may experience tired eyes without the headaches. When your eyes feel tired, it can be hard to look at screens or read books for any length of time. You may also find yourself falling asleep more often than usual, simply because your eyes are strained and you feel like you need to close them to give them a break.

Tired eyes can also take the form of redness in and around the eyes as well as itchiness. You can even wake up with redness of the eyes, making you feel more tired than before you went to sleep the night before. Tired eyes can be a sign of vision issues and the need for new glasses.

Your Vision Becomes Blurry

Your vision can become blurry over time, or it can seem like it happens very quickly, and you’re left needing new glasses. One way blurry vision can come to your attention is if you wear both eyeglasses and contact lenses. Contact lenses are typically better for seeing things further away – especially once your prescription gets strong enough. Eyeglasses are better to wear if you do a lot of work on the computer or read a lot for your job.

Blurry vision can also come from astigmatism, an eye condition manageable with a slightly stronger prescription. Art of Optiks can help you determine your new prescription and help you select the perfect pair of new glasses.

A Newer Lens Type Better Fits Your Needs

convenient and appealing style of glasses for your vision

Perhaps when you were at university, large-framed round glasses were not only popular, but you had a wide range of vision so that whether you were studying or looking up at your friends, these were a convenient and appealing style of glasses for your vision.

Lifestyles and activities change. Maybe you work outside, so you need a frame design that’s more streamlined and hardy. Maybe you’d like to try a frame type that’s more subtle, so that glasses aren’t the first thing people notice about you.

Maybe you’d like to swing the other way and try a bright, bold frame design with lenses to match. No matter your preference, anti-scratch coating, UV protection, or anti-glare coating are all options with Art of Optiks. You can check out two dozen designer brands of lenses and frames on our website or in the store to browse our collection of luxury eyewear.

Contact Art of Optiks today to begin your search for new glasses.

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