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Tips For Taking Care of Your Prescription Glasses

When you get a new pair of glasses, it can be amazing how much your vision improves. As soon as you put them on and your vision clears, you realize they were worth every penny.

Your glasses are a great tool to help you live life with one less obstacle. They must be cared for because they are as fragile as they look. Here are a few suggestions for taking care of your prescription glasses, so they last.

Storing Your Glasses

What do you do with your glasses when you remove them? Do you hang them from your shirt collar? Do you lay them down on a table? One of the most important ways to make your prescription glasses last is to properly store them.

Always keep the case that your glasses came in close to you, and place your glasses in it after removal. When you go to sleep or to the bathroom, it can become a habit to take them off and lay them on a counter or a table. That puts your glasses at risk of having someone set something on them or knock them onto the floor. Taking a few seconds to put them away is worth not having a scratched lens or damaged frame

Never Lay Your Glasses on the Lenses

Even if you paid a little extra to get scratch-proof lenses, you should never lay them lens-down. The protective coating can fail if this is a regular occurance. The lenses are the most important part of the glasses, and keeping them from getting scratched is essential.

Cleaning Your Glasses

Keeping your glasses clean is easy, and necessary. Your lenses can get scratched or cracked if you do not clean them properly.

Rinse Your Glasses Before You Wear Them

Rinse Your Glasses Before You Wear Them

Adjust your morning routine to rinse your glasses at the same time that you brush your teeth and comb your hair. They could have attracted small dust particles since you removed them the night before. Rinsing them will remove any buildup, and a glasses-friendly cloth can be used for drying.

Use the Correct Products

Your glasses likely came with a small cloth and cleaning solution. This, plus a cotton lint-free towel, is all that you should use to take care of them. If you run out, go back to your eye doctor’s office to get more or purchase it online. You should never use products not made for cleaning glasses.

Using a different cloth to wipe off your lenses could grind small particles into the surface. You could be creating scratches instead of clearing debris. A soft microfiber cloth is the only thing you should be using to wipe your glasses. Never use a napkin, paper towels, or a handkerchief.

The liquid that your doctor sells is not abrasive and will not damage your lenses. It may seem perfectly fine to use window cleaner since your lenses are glass. However, the protective coatings can break down under the ammonia and leave your glasses permanently damaged.

Occasionally, you can use dish soap, but make sure you dilute it in water and only use one or two drops. Don’t rub your glasses with a sponge or kitchen cloth; simply rinse them with the solution.

Keep Them Disinfected

When you go out, you get exposed to a lot of airborne particles. Like washing your hands when you get home, it’s recommended to do the same with your glasses. Viruses can live on them like on any other surface.

You do not have to use anything special for cleaning. Gently rinse with warm water and dish soap. You can also buy lens-cleaning wipes from your eye doctor, at your local pharmacy or online.

keep your prescription glasses

Keep Your Prescription Glasses Where They Belong

When you are not wearing them, it’s best to keep your glasses inside the case that came with them for storage. If you lay them on the desk or night stand, they will collect dust particles in no time. Apart from having to clean them more often, more dust means more possible scratches.

Additionally, when your glasses are not protected by their case, they are exposed to other kinds of debris, or even stains. For example, you could spill drinks on them. These stains can be hard to clean, so it’s better to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

If you have any additional questions about how to take care of your prescription glasses, the experienced care team at Art of Optiks can help. We can prescribe you the lenses you need to see clearly, and help you find the perfect frame to make you look fabulous. Art of Optiks will refill your solution at no cost.

Give us a call today or visit one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata, Minnesota.

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