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Lasik Consultations Champlin

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All You Need to Know

Frustrated with the inconvenience of contacts or glasses? Longing for a lasting solution to enhance your lifestyle? LASIK surgery might just be the game-changer you’re searching for. Offering a quick recovery and the promise of clear vision for years ahead, it’s a minimally invasive procedure worth considering. At Art of Optiks, our dedicated team conducts thorough LASIK consultations, diving deep into every aspect of your eyes and carefully reviewing your medical history to ensure suitability for the surgery. Our commitment is to provide personalized care, prioritizing your comfort and achieving the best vision possible. If you’re pondering LASIK but unsure where to begin, scheduling a consultation during your comprehensive eye exam will arm you with all the insights you need.


At Art of Optiks, we place great importance on delivering exceptional LASIK consultations, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your candidacy. Our experts meticulously examine every detail of your eyes and take the time to understand your unique lifestyle, tailoring the vision solution accordingly. With our wealth of expertise in eyecare, Art of Optiks guarantees an engaging and enlightening experience, fulfilling all your LASIK needs.

What is LASIK?

For a permanent kind of vision repair, adults over the age of 18 can undergo laser in-situ keratomileusis, or LASIK. For this surgery, your LASIK surgeon will reshape your cornea to increase the efficiency of light concentration on the retina, which is located in the back of the eye. You will have the opportunity to express interest in LASIK surgery during your full eye examination. One of our experts will then conduct a LASIK consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for the operation. LASIK is commonly used to treat the following refractive disorders in terms of vision correction:


  • Nearsightedness or Myopia: Objects that are close to you appear clear, but objects farther away are blurry.
  • Farsightedness or Hyperopia: Objects that are farther away from you appear clear, but objects closer are blurry.
  • Astigmatism: Due to the irregular shape of your eye, most objects are blurry, meaning you struggle to see clearly in almost all situations.


Your LASIK surgeon will provide a local anesthetic to you before using a laser to create a tiny flap in your cornea. This simple procedure can be completed in as little as twenty minutes. A second laser will be used to reconstruct the tissue beneath the flap before it is repositioned. It’s possible to experience dry eyes after surgery. In order to keep your eyes moist and avoid irritation and infection, your doctor will prescribe eye drops. Most patients see improved vision after a few days of starting the relatively short healing process.

Patient Background + History

After carefully examining your medical history, prior medical experiences, and a number of other criteria, our experts will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for laser surgery. Your overall health and your candidacy for LASIK surgery are greatly influenced by your medical history. It is essential that interested patients provide accurate information so that our professionals are aware of any underlying issues that need to be taken into account. Among the necessary requirements include, but are not restricted to:


  • Family History or Current of Systemic or Eye Pathology
  • Allergies to Any Medications
  • Environmental Conditions Impacting Your Vision or Ocular Health


Our experts meticulously review your medical background and history to ensure an accurate determination of your suitability for LASIK surgery. During this crucial stage of your session, providing precise information is paramount, and we encourage you to express any personal reservations or concerns. Your happiness and well-being are our foremost priorities, and addressing any doubts helps ensure that decisions are made thoughtfully and sensibly.

Analysis of the Overall Health of Your Eyes

During your LASIK consultation, our doctors will conduct a series of comprehensive tests to further evaluate your suitability. You may be familiar with certain tests from previous eye exams, while others may be brand-new to you. Our doctors will be on hand to ensure your comfort, go over the goals of each test with you, address any concerns you may have, and go through your results in detail during your appointment. You need to understand and have faith in the process; we are here to help you every step of the way.


Ability to Focus

If you wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis, our professionals will probably be performing many of the tests you have already done. Our specialists will carefully check your eyes’ ability to focus and the sharpness of your vision. Our specialists will examine your eyesight from several angles using a range of manual refraction tests, including the popular “Pick One or Two” method. Additionally, digital analyzers will be used to confirm the manual refraction results and quantify light scattering and vision quality as light enters your eyes. Our experts are able to determine the optimal course of action for improving your eyesight, thanks to these extensive assessments.


Dilated Eye Exam

To check the lens and retinas in the back of your eyes, our doctors will use a solution to dilate your pupils. Your pupils will be measured for refraction after they have fully dilated. Our specialists can confirm the preliminary refraction results and acquire more accurate measurements with this phase, guaranteeing a comprehensive evaluation and correct diagnosis.


Front of Your Eyes

We evaluate your eye tissue at the microscopic level using high-resolution scans. You will research high-definition digital scanners to get precise pictures of the surface and lens of your eyes. Your cornea, tear film, eyelid health, and early cataract symptoms are all assessed by these scans. They also offer thorough information on the thickness, shape, and curvature of the cornea.


Inside + Surface of Your Eyes

Utilizing a digital device, we’ll capture detailed images of your retinas or the inner eye structure. The retina plays a crucial role in processing incoming light rays and transmitting nerve impulses to your brain, facilitating vision. These images enable our doctors to evaluate the health and function of your retina. Additionally, they’ll assess tear film composition and volume to ensure it meets the requirements for LASIK surgery.


Other Eye Measurements

With the aid of a high-powered microscope, our doctors meticulously examine the intricate structure of your eyes, diligently uncovering any potential hidden issues. This pivotal examination phase includes screening for conditions such as diabetes, allergies, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Additionally, precise measurements of your eye dimensions, including length, width, and pupil size, are meticulously taken to ensure comprehensive evaluation and tailored care.

Are You a Candidate?

Our medical staff pays close attention to determining whether you are a good candidate for LASIK throughout your appointments. Ensuring that every patient understands the reasoning behind our recommendations is our top priority when it comes to thorough education. We dig into the possible advantages and risks of LASIK surgery through in-depth conversations. The following are some crucial elements that our doctors carefully evaluate when evaluating your candidacy:
  • Age
  • General Health
  • Eye Health
  • Eye Problems
  • Eye Injury
  • Nursing or Pregnancy
  • Dry Eye Condition
  • Stable Vision
  • Contact Use
  • Corneal Thickness

Locations & Doctors

The Art of Optiks is a group of distinguished medical professionals dedicated to providing the highest caliber of optical knowledge and care to each and every one of its patients. At Art of Optiks, we put a lot of effort into giving our patients the best care possible and comprehensive information about any optical conditions they may be experiencing. Our staff establishes open and honest communication with each patient to ensure they are informed and comfortable during the entire procedure. Our doctors will constantly provide the best possible client service, demonstrating unity and satisfaction. 


Art of Optiks currently has two locations offering a variety of services to our incredible patients. Our doctors, Timothy Haupert and Victoria Whitman are located at offices in Wayzata and Edina, Minnesota.

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