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How To Make Wearing Glasses an Easy Habit for Your Child

Have you recently discovered your child needs glasses? This can be a big step, and it may be tricky to help your child get into the routine of wearing their new glasses. Parents can use many tips to make choosing and wearing glasses a fun experience for their child, from positive reinforcement and fun games to sharing care instructions and showing your child how glasses will change their life. The outstanding doctors at Art of Optiks are fully prepared to help your child transition comfortably into wearing glasses, so they can begin to see the world.

Be Positive and Encouraging

Children across the country are often hesitant about wearing glasses because they feel uncomfortable with how they look, are nervous other children will make fun of them, and think the glasses make them look less cool. Your child looks up to you and is influenced by your words and actions. A simple way you can help your child get used to wearing glasses is by offering encouragement to wear their new frames and reassure them that glasses will make their life easier. Glasses will help them see movies clearer, read books easier, and add a fun element to their unique style.

Think about throwing your child a “new glasses” party or finding resources such as books or games that can make them excited about their new glasses. It’s likely that many young celebrities and comic-book characters your child is interested in wear glasses, from Harry Potter and Clark Kent to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Identifying these idols can be beneficial as they’ll now become individuals your child looks up to even more.

Make It Fun

Perhaps you already have an inkling that your child will need glasses, or you’ve already received the results from their pediatric eye exam. Either way, helping your child prepare for the big day is essential as there can be a few days between choosing the frames and when they’ll be ready to take home. During this time, answer any questions your child may have and get them excited for a fun experience. Let them know that they’ll be in charge of choosing their glasses and encourage them to try on multiple pairs – the frames will be around a while, so picking a stylish pair that they love is essential. There are a variety of collections ranging in style, color, and size that your child will be able to choose from at Art of Optiks. Pay special attention to the material; however, as plastic or metal may be more beneficial depending on their age. Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be a task; plan fun activities to reward your child to encourage wearing them.

Encourage a Routine

Positive reinforcement and recognizing your approach are two critical components of getting your child used to incorporating glasses into their daily routine. Continually reminding your child to wear their glasses could make them view it as more of a chore, thus avoiding wearing them altogether. Designating an area for your child to keep their glasses each night is an easy way to incorporate them into their routine because they’ll see the glasses when brushing their teeth or right when they wake up. Once you begin to see your child wearing their glasses regularly, offering a high five or words of praise will help them realize that wearing glasses is a good thing. Remember, adjusting or adapting to a new habit takes time, but your child will get there with your support and patience.

It’s also important to pay attention to how your child’s glasses fit and if they’re comfortable during both activity and relaxing. If your child’s glasses are uncomfortable, it will make the adjustment period that much more difficult. Before leaving the eye care clinic, verify with your child that their glasses are comfortable. If you start noticing them avoiding wearing their glasses, it may be time to bring them into the eye doctor for a frame adjustment or alignment.

Set Your Child Up for Success

Your child will likely be more excited about glasses, especially if you’re already a glasses wearer. However, if you are, it’s essential to be a role model for your child. They’re more likely to recognize the significance and benefits of wearing glasses if you wear your glasses regularly as well. You want your child to develop a good habit of wearing and caring for their glasses, and they’ll do so if you are too. Once your child starts wearing glasses, it’s vital to share and practice proper care guidelines with them:

  • Cleanliness: Help your child clean their glasses the first few times, so they can understand the importance of using the provided cleaning solution and specific materials. A microfiber cloth should be used for cleaning rather than paper towels or other paper products as these materials can cause small scratches on the lenses.
  • Storage and Handling: Upon receiving their new glasses, your child will be provided a hard-protective case so they can store their glasses safely in their backpack, desk, or another area when not in use. Your child should be encouraged to remove their glasses with both hands as using one hand can alter the adjustment or cause unwanted damage.
  • Maintenance: Periodically, you and your child will be required to bring their new glasses into the eye care clinic for regular cleaning, adjustment, and screw tightening. Each of these factors plays into how comfortable and practical your child’s eyeglasses are, so it’s incredibly important to keep track of these appointments and stick to them.

Eye doctors and schoolteachers can both be helpful when transitioning your child into glasses. If you need suggestions for making your child comfortable during an eye exam or tricks for making wearing glasses fun, your child’s eye doctor is the perfect resource. Additionally, informing your child’s teacher of their new glasses will help ensure that your child is always wearing them. It might also be helpful to provide an alternate pair if they’re forgotten or accidentally broken.

Encourage Your Child to Wear Glasses

When your child learns they need to start wearing glasses, it can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Glasses shouldn’t be a burden; instead, your child should be excited to see the world around them in a new way. Parents need to make wearing glasses fun, be available to answer questions, and provide encouragement in this new chapter of your child’s life. Suppose you’re unsure of where to start getting your child used to wearing glasses. In that case, the doctors, opticians, and technicians at Art of Optiks are fully prepared to assist you in making sure your child is comfortable and confident in their new glasses.

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