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Vuarnet Eyewear

Nature Is Our Playground

Adventurers and urban explorers alike turn to Vuarnet eyewear for sunglasses designed for high-level athletic performance. Vuarnet eyewear blends technical brilliance and a feeling of French style with lenses designed from patented mineral glass created in Paris. Vuarnet’s mineral lenses are known for optical transparency with frame shapes that are sporty, elegant, and allow for optimal performance around-the-clock.


Vuarnet Eyewear is a go-to eyewear brand for those looking for a frame that strays from ordinary since Roger Pouilloux and Jean Vuarnet strive to create custom-made frames that allow for maximum UV ray protection and clear vision. Vuarnet glasses offer monumental aesthetic appearance and optimum coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. They are also known for their extraordinary endurance and ability to provide the highest level of visual satisfaction. Known cultural figures that have worn Vuarnet eyewear include Daniel Craig’s 007, Miles Davis, and The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

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Vuarnet Eyewear

Maximize Performance with Clear Vision

In 1957, French skiing titleholder Jean Vuarnet accepted a pair of shades manufactured by Roger Pouilloux, a revolutionary French optician as well as skiing fanatic. This was the first time anyone wore the now-iconic goggles. Afterward, they were dubbed the Vuarnet 02 when Jean wore them while claiming the gold medal in downhill skiing at the 1960 Winter Olympics.


After Vuarnet’s landslide win, he donned this game-changing eyewear with the brand’s characteristic Skilynx colored glass lenses that have since become a popular choice for athletes worldwide. The U.S. military also became a major influence on the company following Vuarnet’s Olympic success. With its neat lines and big square design, the 03 version was created. It was influenced by the Vuarnet glasses used by the U.S. Air Force pilots when it was first introduced in 1962.


Vuarnet Eyewear

While the styles have certainly evolved, the brand’s high production criteria remains constant. The procedure starts with a puck-size disk of crystalline glass manufactured to Vuarnet’s requirements and hardened to withstand shattering. A blend of machinery and hand-crafting is used to turn the pucks into crystal-clear lenses. A machine curves the blanks from 3.2 millimeters to as low as 1.7 millimeters, while preserving flawless symmetry on both the front and rear. The in-house designers then use their hands to sharpen the lens margins, emboss the surface with a letter V sitting on a ski, and fit the lenses into custom Paris-made frames.


Vuarnet eyewear is available in a variety of designs that guarantee outdoor enthusiasts clear vision. The Goggle series is one of Vuarnet’s most famous models boasting a double polycarbonate lens that is perfect for the slopes. Its anti-fog, cylindrical flash lens provides uninterrupted views, while the triple thickness foam promotes convenience and safe wear. This unisex model comes in five colors, including matte black, white, red, or blue frameworks paired with a bright flash lens or perhaps a photo-chromatic amber lens for maximum UV protection.


The Glacier is another contemporary Vuarnet model, embraced by notable alpinist Jean Afanassieff. Afanassieff was the first French mountaineer to reach Mount Everest in 1974. The Glacier’s fame has spread much further than elite alpine sportsmen. Jazz legend, Miles Davis, donned them at his final performance in Paris in 1991.


Vuarnet’s distinctive mineral glass lenses plus state-of-the-art components merge for a remarkably modern style in another of the brand’s stylish eyepiece, the Ice 1709. For a personalized fitting, its frames have superior nylon architecture for endurance and elasticity, detachable protective side guards, a detachable center bridge, as well as stainless steel spring fasteners.

Explore Our Vuarnet Eyewear Collection Today

As a Midwest resident, you’re familiar with the harsh UV rays that present themselves year-round. However, you can now find comfort in Vuarnet glasses. These one-of-a-kind Vuarnet glasses are available in a variety of designs that work for everyday wear. Art of Optiks is a proud local carrier of the Vuarnet collection as it allows for elegance and endurance to coexist.


Art of Optiks strives to provide only the best services, from eye care to eyewear. We offer a variety of luxury eyewear brands at both our Edina and Wayzata locations. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or are simply seeking quality sunglasses, Art of Optiks is proud to offer Vuarnet eyewear. Visit one of our locations today to discover the story behind the Vuarnet line.

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