Vision Therapy Coon Rapids
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Vision Therapy Coon Rapids

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All You Need to Know

Vision therapy presents a valuable alternative to surgery, with the potential to significantly enhance the synergy between your eyes and brain. This, in turn, can lead to a substantial improvement in your overall visual perception. Under the meticulous guidance of specialized optometric professionals, this personalized program delves into rectifying issues concerning both eye movement and the brain’s processing of visual input.


The vision therapy process encompasses a sequence of exercises and tasks, all meticulously crafted to refine your brain’s control over diverse visual challenges. These encompass tracking moving objects smoothly, executing precise eye movements, and comprehending visual information accurately. With the aid of systematic instruction and gradual advancement, vision therapy progressively sharpens and amplifies these critical visual abilities:


  • Eye Alignment
  • Eye Tracking and Teaming
  • Eye Focusing Abilities
  • Eye Movements
  • Visual Processing


Through consistent engagement with these tailored exercises, you’re likely to witness a noticeable enhancement in both visual acuity and the collaborative functioning of your eyes and brain. This transformation can render a multitude of daily tasks more effortless and comfortable. Whether it’s reading, working, indulging in sports, or simply navigating your daily routine, the improved synchronization between your eyes and brain can greatly improve your day-to-day life. 


Devoted doctors in our vision therapy clinics in Edina and Wayzata are committed to your ocular well-being. Their guidance through these exercises is designed to make your journey towards improved vision a smooth and effective experience. Each exercise is carefully selected to address specific aspects of eye health and may also include recommendations for exercises that can easily integrate into your day-to-day life.

Computer Programs

Computer-assisted methods allow patients to engage in virtual activities while remaining rooted in traditional principles of vision therapy. This modern approach allows patients to engage in virtual activities while receiving evaluations of their eye coordination, focusing, eye movements, and visual processing.

Prism or Lens Fixation

This particular exercise will focus your attention on a specific object while interacting with lenses or prisms positioned at different angles. Doing this will train your eyes to better identify nearby objects and people. With consistent practice, your visual system will become more skilled at adapting to various visual inputs, leading to increased clarity and precision when perceiving close-up objects and individuals.


When it comes to amblyopia or a lazy eye, a typical situation arises where the brain tends to ignore the visual signals from the weaker eye. However, the patching treatment can offer positive results in such cases. By covering the stronger eye, the information it sends to the brain is reduced, encouraging the brain to actively engage the weaker eye in visual processing. As a result, this approach promotes better coordination between both eyes, ultimately enhancing overall visual function.

Vision Rest

For those who spend prolonged durations working or studying in front of a computer monitor, there exists a helpful strategy known as the “20/20/20 rule.” Recommended by medical experts, this approach entails taking a 20-second pause every 20 minutes of computer usage and redirecting your gaze to an object roughly 20 feet distant.


By integrating this straightforward method into your computer-related activities, you can garner substantial advantages. It assists in mitigating eye strain and weariness triggered by extended screen exposure, potentially mitigating headaches and enhancing overall comfort during computer-oriented tasks. Moreover, this technique holds the potential to enhance sustained concentration, a valuable asset in an era marked by abundant digital diversions.

How to Tell if Vision Therapy is Needed

Vision therapy offers a diverse array of benefits that cater to individuals spanning various age groups, surpassing the confines of mere reliance on eyeglasses or contact lenses. While primarily associated with children’s eye care, its scope has expanded to encompass adults who have faced head injuries, providing a comprehensive solution for enhancing visual capabilities. Even with routine eye examinations, certain underlying problems can profoundly impact learning, sports performance, or professional pursuits. If you’re navigating challenges in any of these domains, embarking on the journey of vision therapy might offer a path of potential.


Differing from conventional eyeglasses, vision therapy tackles an extensive range of symptoms and explores various concerns, including:


  • Car Sickness
  • Problems Focusing
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Poor Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Low Comprehension
  • Double Vision
  • Persistent Eye Strain or Fatigue
  • Prolonged Homework Completion
  • Troubles Focusing When Reading
  • Letters Moving
  • Rubbing of Eyes
  • Avoids Certain Activities
  • Eyes Watering When Reading
  • Reduced Attention Span
  • Reverses Letters or Words
  • Behind in Reading Skills


Should you or a family member encounter any of these indications, we highly recommend reaching out to our vision therapy experts in Edina and Wayzata. They are equipped to perform a thorough eye assessment for you or your child, aiming to ascertain whether vision therapy might offer a valuable remedy.

Locations & Doctors

Our immense pride stems from our exceptional team of renowned doctors, who collaborate seamlessly to deliver top-tier eye care to individuals of all age groups. These doctors are highly regarded for cultivating robust patient relationships through transparent communication and exceptional expertise in their field. Every patient is treated to an individually tailored experience that precisely caters to their specific eye requirements, ensuring not only valuable but also enlightening care. When you choose Art of Optiks, you can anticipate a comprehensive and convenient appointment designed to cater meticulously to your unique needs.


We are excited to announce our partnership with Twin Cities Vision Therapy at our Edina and Wayzata branches, under the guidance of Dr. Whitman and his dedicated team, all committed to elevating the quality of life for patients across all age spectrums. Dr. Whitman specializes in aiding children and individuals with special needs while also providing routine eye examinations, contact lens services, and proficient management of various eye conditions. With multiple locations, Art of Optiks guarantees effortless access to our comprehensive range of services. Feel free to get in touch today to initiate your transformative vision therapy journey at our Edina and Wayzata locations.

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