Vision Therapy Champlin
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Vision Therapy Champlin

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All You Need to Know

Vision therapy is a valuable non-surgical option that has the potential to greatly improve how your eyes and brain work together, leading to a substantial boost in your overall visual perception. This personalized program is carefully guided by expert optometric professionals who specialize in identifying and addressing issues with both how your eyes move and how your brain processes what you see.


The process of vision therapy involves a series of exercises and activities that are designed to help your brain become better at controlling different visual tasks. These tasks include smoothly following moving objects, making accurate eye movements, and understanding what you’re looking at. With step-by-step guidance and gradual progress, vision therapy gradually sharpens and enhances these important visual skills:


  • Eye Alignment
  • Eye Tracking and Teaming
  • Eye Focusing Abilities
  • Eye Movements
  • Visual Processing


By consistently practicing these tailored exercises and activities, you’re likely to notice an improvement in how well you can see and how well your eyes and brain work together. This positive change can make many everyday tasks easier and more comfortable. Whether it’s reading, working, playing sports, or just going about your daily life, the improved teamwork between your eyes and brain can make a real difference in how you experience the world around you. 


Within our clinic’s, you’ll find experienced doctors at our vision therapy clinics in Edina and Wayzata who are committed to your ocular well-being. Their guidance through these exercises is designed to make your journey towards improved vision a smooth and effective experience. Each exercise is a deliberate step towards enhancing your visual acuity, carefully selected to address specific aspects of eye health. Furthermore, our esteemed doctors may offer recommendations for exercises that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine at home.

Computer Programs

Vision therapy exercises, including evaluations of eye coordination, focusing, eye movements, and visual processing, are conducted using computer-assisted methods. This modern approach allows patients to engage in virtual activities while remaining rooted in the traditional principles of vision therapy practices.

Prism or Lens Fixation

By engaging in this particular exercise, you will concentrate on a specific object while interacting with lenses or prisms positioned at different angles. The purpose of this exercise is to train your eyes to effectively identify close-up objects and people. Through consistent practice, your visual system will become more skilled at adapting to various visual inputs, leading to improved clarity and precision when perceiving nearby objects and individuals.


When dealing with amblyopia or a lazy eye, a common scenario arises where the brain tends to disregard the visual signals from the weaker eye. In such cases, the patching treatment can yield favorable outcomes. By covering the stronger eye, the amount of information it transmits to the brain is reduced. This decrease motivates the brain to actively involve the weaker eye in visual processing. Consequently, this method fosters improved collaboration between both eyes, enhancing overall visual function.

Vision Rest

For individuals who spend extended periods in front of a computer screen for work or study, there’s a useful technique known as the “20/20/20 rule.” Endorsed by medical professionals, this method involves taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes of computer use and shifting your focus to an object roughly 20 feet away.


By incorporating this simple practice into your computer activities, you can reap significant benefits. It aids in reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen exposure while potentially alleviating headaches and enhancing overall comfort during computer-based tasks. Furthermore, this technique can improve sustained concentration, which holds particular value in an era saturated with digital distractions.

How to Tell if Vision Therapy is Needed

Vision therapy holds a wide spectrum of advantages that cater to individuals of diverse age groups, transcending the realm of mere eyeglasses or contact lenses dependency. Often linked primarily with pediatric eye care, it has expanded its horizons to encompass adults who have encountered head injuries, providing a comprehensive solution for visual enhancement. Even with routine eye check-ups, certain underlying issues can significantly affect learning, sports performance, or professional endeavors. If you find yourself grappling with challenges in any of these areas, venturing into the realm of vision therapy might present an avenue of promise.


Unlike regular glasses, vision therapy addresses a wide range of symptoms and delves into various issues, such as: 


  • Car Sickness
  • Problems Focusing
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Poor Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Low Comprehension
  • Double Vision
  • Persistent Eye Strain or Fatigue
  • Prolonged Homework Completion
  • Troubles Focusing When Reading
  • Letters Moving
  • Rubbing of Eyes
  • Avoids Certain Activities
  • Eyes Watering When Reading
  • Reduced Attention Span
  • Reverses Letters or Words
  • Behind in Reading Skills


If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, we strongly suggest contacting our vision therapy specialists in Edina and Wayzata. They can conduct a comprehensive eye examination for you or your child to determine if vision therapy could be a beneficial solution.

Locations & Doctors

We take pride in our exceptional team of award-winning doctors who seamlessly collaborate to provide top-notch eye care for individuals of all ages. Our doctors are highly esteemed for establishing strong patient relationships through open communication and excellence in their field. Each patient receives a personalized experience tailored to their specific eye needs, ensuring helpful and informative care. At Art of Optiks, you can expect a precise and convenient visit that caters to your unique requirements.


We are thrilled to partner with Twin Cities Vision Therapy at our Edina and Wayzata locations, where Dr. Whitman leads a team committed to improving the lives of patients of all ages. Dr. Whitman specializes in assisting children and individuals with special needs while also providing routine eye check-ups, contact lenses, and management of eye diseases. With multiple locations, Art of Optiks guarantees easy access to our services. Contact us today to start vision therapy. 

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