Vision Therapy Anoka
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Vision Therapy Anoka

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All You Need to Know

Vision therapy is an effective non-surgical option that enhances the coordination between your eyes and brain, resulting in improved visual perception. This personalized program is led by expert optometric professionals which targets deficiencies in visual-motor skills and perceptual-cognitive functions.


Vision therapy strengthens your brain’s control over various visual functions through various exercises and carefully designed procedures. This includes eye tracking, eye movement, and processing and interpretation of visual information. With strategic and progressive interventions, vision therapy fine-tunes and enhances these skills: 


  • Eye Alignment
  • Eye Tracking and Teaming
  • Eye Focusing Abilities
  • Eye Movements
  • Visual Processing


Vision therapy is a globally recognized approach that benefits individuals from various backgrounds. It has proven particularly effective for those facing challenges in education, work, or sports. Moreover, vision therapy caters to the needs of individuals requiring visual rehabilitation, including those with special needs. These factors highlight the versatility and inclusivity of vision therapy as a highly valuable rehabilitation. 


During your visits to our clinic, our skilled doctors will guide you through a comprehensive range of exercises thoughtfully crafted to elevate and strengthen your visual clarity. Moreover, they may suggest exercises to integrate into your daily schedule at home. The following exercises are examples, seamlessly adaptable for inclusion within your vision therapy sessions or for independent practice as part of your home-based therapeutic routine.

Computer Programs

Various vision therapy exercises, including assessments of vergence stress, accommodation, eye movements, and visual information processing, are conducted using computer-assisted techniques. This modern approach allows patients to engage in diverse virtual activities while maintaining the core principles of traditional vision therapy practices.

Prism or Lens Fixation

Engaging in this particular exercise entails directing your attention towards a designated object. Concurrently, you’ll interact with various lenses or prisms set at different angles. This prism or lens fixation exercise aims to instruct your eyes in skillfully discerning objects and individuals positioned in close proximity. As you continue this exercise, your visual system progressively refines its ability to adapt to various visual stimuli. This, in turn, culminates in an enhanced capacity to perceive nearby occurrences and individuals with greater clarity and accuracy.


When dealing with amblyopia or a lazy eye, a scenario often unfolds wherein the brain overlooks the visual signals originating from the weaker eye. In such instances, a therapy known as patching can yield positive outcomes. By covering the stronger eye, the sensory input it delivers is diminished. This reduction prompts the brain to actively involve the weaker eye in processing visual information. Consequently, this technique fosters a more effective partnership between both eyes, ultimately culminating in an elevated overall visual function.

Vision Rest

For individuals who find themselves engaged in prolonged sessions of computer screen utilization, particularly during work or study, there exists an effective eye exercise that merits consideration. This practice, known as the “20/20/20 rule,” has garnered support from medical experts as a valuable technique. For every continuous 20-minute interval of computer use, it’s advised to allocate a brief intermission. During this break, devote approximately 20 seconds to allow your eyes a moment of rest while deliberately fixing your gaze upon an object approximately 20 feet away.


You gain noteworthy advantages by seamlessly integrating this straightforward routine into your computer-related tasks. This practice has been observed to effectively alleviate the strain experienced by the eyes and mitigate sensations of eye fatigue. Remarkably, it has even demonstrated the potential to ease headaches. Furthermore, an added benefit lies in its capacity to enhance your aptitude for sustained concentration.

How to Tell if Vision Therapy is Needed

The benefits of vision therapy span across various age groups, transcending the limitations set by eyeglasses or contact lenses. While commonly associated with pediatric care, the scope of vision therapy is progressively broadening to include adults who have faced concussions or traumatic brain injuries. Routine vision screenings may not uncover hidden issues impacting learning, sports involvement, or professional tasks. Vision therapy might offer a solution worth exploring if you’re grappling with challenges in any of these areas.


This comprehensive approach addresses many symptoms that go beyond what can be effectively addressed by simple corrective eyewear. It delves into a broader spectrum of concerns, including:


  • Car Sickness
  • Problems Focusing
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Poor Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Low Comprehension
  • Double Vision
  • Persistent Eye Strain or Fatigue
  • Prolonged Homework Completion
  • Troubles Focusing When Reading
  • Letters Moving
  • Rubbing of Eyes
  • Avoids Certain Activities
  • Eyes Watering When Reading
  • Reduced Attention Span
  • Reverses Letters or Words
  • Behind in Reading Skills


If you or someone you care about exhibits any of these symptoms, we strongly advise contacting one of our vision therapy doctors in Edina and Wayzata. They can perform a thorough eye examination for you or your child to determine if vision therapy could provide benefits.

Locations & Doctors

We take pride in curating an exceptional team of skilled doctors who collaborate seamlessly to provide unparalleled optical expertise and care for patients across all age groups. Our distinguished doctors have garnered recognition for their commitment to fostering enduring patient relationships through transparent communication and an unwavering dedication to excellence. We ensure every patient enjoys a personalized and highly informative experience tailored precisely to their unique optical needs. With a blend of precision and convenience, Art of Optiks guarantees an exceptional visit tailored to your requirements.


We are thrilled to partner with Twin Cities Vision Therapy at our Edina and Wayzata locations, spearheaded by Dr. Whitman. Dr. Whitman is a remarkable professional who is deeply committed to positively impacting the lives of her patients, regardless of age. Her specialization lies in working with children and individuals with special needs, and she also warmly welcomes patients for routine eye care, contact lens consultations, and disease management. With multiple locations at your disposal, Art of Optiks ensures that our array of services is accessible, regardless of location. Don’t hesitate—reach out to us to embark on your vision therapy journey.

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