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Very French Gangsters Eyewear

Fundamental Fashion for Children

Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger and Anne Masanet of Very French Gangsters strive to create glasses that boost self-confidence, and set the wearer apart from the crowd in the greatest way imaginable. Very French Gangsters eyewear channels the inner youth we all enjoy, and inspires us to revisit our younger years. Masanet met Bothorel-Bolzinger when overseeing a children’s apparel division at a purchasing station. The pair soon realized they were eyewear enthusiasts, and decided to use their combined experience to design a luxury eyewear brand specifically geared toward children.


Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger’s passion was blazed by their own families as their children’s everyday lives influenced most of their ideas. While the opportunities in children’s eyewear are seemingly endless, there are also limitations. Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger accounted for these expectations to set the foundation for the Very French Gangsters line. During the design process, special attention is given to the nose pad, edges, lens thickness, and craftsmanship to not only allow for maximum comfort, but also convenience and elegance.

Very French Gangsters Eyewear

Legendary Vigor and Unalterable Enthusiasm

Despite being a relatively new label, Very French Gangsters has quickly attained global popularity, with items even being sold in Le Bon Marché, the famous Parisian department store. The brand recently released its third collection, “By The Way,” which includes themes like “Very Bombe” and “Very Swag.” 


Very French Gangsters’ durable and lightweight acetate frameworks come with flexible hinges and tips. Children also have access to eyewear that is equipped with blue light-blocking lenses and 100 percent protection from UV rays.


Children’s eyewear should be unique and not a replica of adult eyewear. The founders of Very French Gangsters intended to bring novelty and imagination to the ‘By the Way’ series, and is an extension of the preceding collections.


Very French Gangsters Eyewear

Very French Gangsters glasses strive to shake things up for kids by offering designs that are extremely outstanding and somewhat “rock n’ roll”. Children can imitate grownups with elegant designs that are geometrical, retro, and flamboyant. Very French Gangsters glasses are available in a variety of hues to match any attire, from earthy and pastel to neon and bright.


Very French Gangsters have been an inevitable presence in the high-end children’s eyeglasses marketplace since the company’s inception. This line presents wearers with innovative products every season that are proven in terms of design and unsurpassed in craft. Very French Gangsters advocate for a classy label and a line fully developed in France, with no compromises in terms of comfort or elegance.

Explore Our Very French Gangsters Eyewear Collection Today

Art of Optiks, a pioneer in the business of independent, innovative, and elegant eyewear, offers clients an eclectic selection of handcrafted, limited-edition goods, ensuring that every customer discovers a design that works for them. With an on-site laboratory and specialists, we devote just as much attention to eye care as we do to eyewear, giving every client a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The quality of materials and craftsmanship of the eyewear we offer is very fundamental to us at the Art of Optiks, and Very French Gangsters win hands down. Very French Gangsters glasses are created entirely by hand in France, and are suitable for children as little as two years old up to early teenage years. Although Very French Gangsters glasses are incredibly fashionable, Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger wanted to make sure that they did not overlook an excellent fit. Additionally, to offer a comfortable experience, the robust and lightweight frames have flex hinges and movable tips.


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