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TAVAT Eyewear

An Expressive Medium for Creatives

TAVAT seeks to evoke feelings of passion and thoughts of excellence, creativity, and extraordinary imagination. TAVAT is an independent company that pushes the limits of manufacturing, without wavering on its commitment to excellence in eyewear. The company designs their frames in California, but manufactures in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains, where they produce handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses that tell a story and make a statement for themselves.


Jeremy Baines founded TAVAT in 2010, with a desire to create eyewear that takes no shortcuts and is forever reliable. His children continue to run the daily operations of the family-owned business, continuing the journey of creating eyewear that makes a statement for itself, no matter who is wearing them. The company strives to focus on the “TAVAT Touch” – a focus that seamlessly combines style and function with quality artisan work.


TAVAT excels at curating collections of eyewear that are not just stylish today, but that will remain iconic and identifiable for a lifetime. They believe that anything is possible, and that the old and the new can be reimagined and integrated seamlessly to create durable, stylish, and high-quality eyewear. To make your statement, to feel and to see extraordinary masterpieces in eyewear, look no further than TAVAT.

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TAVAT Eyewear

The Artisan Heritage

Northeast Italy has a rich history and tradition of creating eyewear that dates back to the 13th century, which has rightly earned it the honor of being known as the birthplace of eyewear. The beautiful location has become famous for its mastery of the craft due to its impeccable manufacturing techniques and talented artisans. 


When crafting new designs, TAVAT draws inspiration from all sources, allowing creativity to flow from anyone at any time. Their frames are created with passion, with intention, and with attention to detail. Meshing modern designs with old-world craftsmanship and respect for tradition, while utilizing the best technology available, each piece of TAVAT eyewear becomes a true masterpiece. 


Every TAVAT frame is produced in small batches in independent, family-owned factories. There is such a quality of workmanship that is only achieved through meticulous detail. Each pair of frames can take up to five months to complete, because every pair goes through more than one hundred handmade steps. TAVAT blends technical expertise, a unique artistic touch, and superior manufacturing into a unique process that results in a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade eyewear. 


TAVAT Eyewear

TAVAT does more than strive to create distinctive and masterful artisan eyewear. The company welcomes an eclectic array of masters of the craft who draw their inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, because diversity brings new perspectives, and new perspectives bring change and innovation. The TAVAT team is made up of opticians, eyewear technicians, and designers from different cultures and backgrounds. Their expertise, combined with their varied experiences and unique perspectives are brought together with the like-minded goal of creating frames that push boundaries while still standing the test of time. 

There is a level of commitment at TAVAT that is unparalleled. Not only do they prioritize the manufacturing of quality frames, they make sure every pair of frames goes through multiple quality control checkpoints along the way. They also highlight the best available lens technology. Your overall visual performance and long-term eye protection is valued by TAVAT. For their sunglasses, they use melanin enhanced lenses to continue protecting your eyes without sacrificing your comfort or visual clarity. The “TAVAT Touch” ensures you have quality, functional, and stylish optical lenses or sunglasses for any occasion. 

Explore Our TAVAT Eyewear Collection Today

Continuing with their unwavering desire for excellence, TAVAT is sold exclusively by qualified optical professionals. Art of Optiks is proud to carry TAVAT among our collection of carefully curated luxury eyewear. We understand the need for the highest quality frames, and respect TAVAT for their commitment to combining artisan heritage and modern production techniques, while still maintaining ethical business practices. 


We want the best for your vision, from eye care to eyewear, which is why you will find a wide collection of options at Art of Optiks. If you’re ready to enhance your style with TAVAT eyewear, visit one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata or contact our team today to experience the passion behind TAVAT.

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