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Inspire Through Positive Connection

Originating in SoCal’s Costa Mesa in 2006, SALT OPTICS designs sunglasses and optical lenses distinctive in their construction and classic aesthetic. Each frame is handcrafted in Japan using superior materials like premium acetate and Japanese aerospace-grade titanium. SALT OPTICS eyewear is built to last.

Understanding why Salt Optics’ eyewear is so unique is not only down to the manufacturing processes but also the inspiration behind the various designs. These sunglasses and optical glasses are made in California’s image. The life breathed into these frames comes from the sandy beaches, snowy peaks around Lake Tahoe, and the salt flats of the Mojave Desert.

Baum’s work is a testament to a passion for filling one’s days with life-affirming moments of pure leisure with the people you cherish most, enjoying the finest things life has to offer in good company. You can find Leisure Society’s unique eyewear at Art of Optiks at both of our Edina and Wayzata locations.

Inspire Through Positive Connection

Embrace Effortless Beauty

You don’t look at the manifestations of nature – the mountains, forests, oceans, or skies – and think the color combinations don’t gel together. It is why the design team at SALT OPTICS uses nature’s effortless elegance as inspiration. In fact, the SALT in their moniker stands for the Sea, Air, Land, and their Timeless relationship.

This influence is in the form of color palettes experienced by the Californians in the design team; every hiker, backpacker, painter, snowboarder, surfer, and skier has something different to offer. David Rose, head designer at SALT OPTICS, once revealed that a lot of pairing goes into designing for the brand. You’ll see a frame juxtaposed alongside ambient imagery to see how the colors interact, react, and blend together.

SALT OPTICS promises a fresher perspective and organic designs bringing out only positive vibes. The more angular-shaped frames, such as the SALT OPTICS Alex, Salt Ty, and Salt Nelken have an air of authority and professionalism that will be good for the office. Conversely, the SALT OPTICS Reiner sunglasses are also angular but are practically built for the beach.

If you prefer gentler frames, the rounder Salt Mitch glasses will also do in the workplace, while the cool San Francisco aviators and luxurious SALT OPTICS Audrey sunglasses are destined assets in your weekend shenanigans. The high-end durable materials used all-round ensure the good times last.



The third-generation Japanese craftspeople making these wares are renowned for their meticulousness and technique. Some of the tools and processes employed by these manufacturers go back more than 50 years. You can sense that old-world feel and how it merges with the newer aesthetics of contemporary frame manufacture in your SALT OPTICS glasses.

While ostentatiousness and minimalism are used in equal parts in classic designs, SALT OPTICS designers utilize the latter. They value clean and timeless cuts over loud logos any day. Thanks to the intimate effort and care input, each pair of glasses has its individual fingerprint. If you appreciate simple things made to perfection, this is the brand for you.

All sunglass enthusiasts will cherish the fact all SALT OPTICS sunnies are 100 percent polarized. This feature cuts out the fierce, vibrating glare of the Californian noon and afternoon sun. It’s essential to take care of the only set of eyes you have.

It’s also worth mentioning the scratch-proof mirror coating on SALT OPTICS optical acetate glasses. Etch marks on your glasses’ lenses should be a thing of the past. Titanium is at times used in the front; this is to increase the glasses’ robustness, while beta-titanium used in the back makes for more flexibility around the temples. Basic sunglasses have riveted hinges making them more secure.

Explore Our SALT OPTICS Eyewear Collection Today

SALT OPTICS moves differently as compared to the competition. While everyone else stratifies who gets what glasses, we emulate nature and design for everyone. This brand is especially attractive to anyone in love with the classic look; timelessness is the name of the game. These optical glasses and sunglasses aren’t created to follow fads; they’re designed to be relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The SALT OPTICS brand is about simple and timeless design, unparalleled beauty, handy technology, and human artistry designed to accentuate your you-ness. Their glasses employ a modern minimalist sensibility that still acknowledges the past. Pick up a pair at Art of Optiks and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

SALT OPTICS has frames that’ll make you actually look as professional and elegant as you think you are. Besides optical glasses, Art of Optiks has a breezy pair of sturdy sunglasses for all your weekend activities. Stop by one of our locations in Wayzata or Edina locations to learn more about our chic eyewear collections today.

Leisure Society’s eyewear are one-of-a-kind designs designed for every walk of life, and we encourage you to see for yourself at Art of Optiks. Visit one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata today to learn more.

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