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Rolf Spectacles

An Authentic Masterpiece

In the depths of the Tyrolean Alps is a modest, family-run enterprise that creates unrivaled eyewear using natural materials; ROLF Spectacles. Roland and Marija, alongside their siblings Martin and Christian, launched the company in 2009. Using a milker, moped brakes, and a coffee table, the family first improvised and intensely materialized their innovative idea.


The pioneers created a specific glazing mechanism to install lenses into stiff materials without piercing through the framing via experimentation. Without any screws or metal components, the one-of-a-kind wood hinges were created primarily from wood.


Within the eyewear industry, ROLF not only took home the ‘Masters of Wood’ title but also refined a selection of other elements. ROLF has a global clientele and is highly recommended by opticians thanks to the brand’s continuing commitment to creativity, sustainability, and localized manufacturing.


Its strengthening gallery’s Duett 93 was a GREEN AWARD 2016 Green Product Selection nominee in April 2016, in the “products should be ecologically sustainable” category. This design combines basic beauty and accuracy using Bog Oak | Walnut, a natural fabric that is colorful, warming, and wearable.


The German Design Council awarded ROLF Eyewear the GERMAN BRAND Trophy for “Industry Excellence in Branding” in June 2016 for effective brand administration. Besides, the ROLF brand is commonly associated with ground-breaking eyeglass developments and upper edge implementation, from each framing to the related equipment and the purpose-built exhibition stands.

Rolf Spectacles

Pushing the Bounds of Sustainable Eyewear

ROLF has redefined plant-based frames in their quest to transform the industry. The power generated by a particular plant serves as the preliminary step for material extraction. It has a wide range of sustainable and practical features, allowing the technology and architecture-driven company to create breakthrough plant-based eyeglasses. The substance shades line is confirmation that ROLF eyewear not only focuses on the materials but also on top-notch design.


They then transform every pair of glasses into magnificent yet useful gear for sporting and free-time activities that are enjoyable to use and also have a great fit thanks to polished shapes, athletic temples, plus strategically positioned curvatures.


The Flexlock hinge from ROLF has been the right piece for making the sunglasses sturdy and practically indestructible. With 3D printing, it is possible to manufacture them together with the framework, allowing ROLF to produce its revolutionary eyewear at once and reduce the number of external vendors.


Wearers can profit from the elastic, organic, and skin-friendly features of a plant-based framework, which complements the incredible screwless plus patent-pending Flexlock hinges’ functionality.


Rolf Spectacles

Organic resources functioned as a guide for ROLF Eyewear from the beginning. Hardwood from the Tyrol area was first, followed by inventive eucalyptus-maple-or-oak combinations. With its Monoceros Series, the brand pioneered the use of organic horns, acquired humanely, of course. Additionally, for a unique aesthetic, they make the frames by curving a piece of buffalo horn around the edge of the framework head. To add to that, ROLF recently pushed the edge one more time with the Substance Series, which featured sculptures fully made from plant-based building ingredients using 3d printing.


Permanence and a focus on the basics, all while maintaining a sense of flair that resonates with city settings, define ROLF’s architectural DNA. The company places considerable emphasis on quality assurance and shadow artistry. This is why it takes many hours to make a piece of ROLF eyewear. In essence, each product passes through at least 78 processes, from raw materials to a finished series of frames.


Another important component of the ROLF brand is consistent invention. The brand recently filed a trademark for a revolutionary lens-fitting procedure for wooden eyeglass frameworks. The “Woodstone,” which is the first woodwork eyeglass framework coated in stone, is one of its other innovations. Not to mention the groundbreaking ROLF hinge, which is upkeep-free and includes a stop feature to prevent the temple from contacting the woodwork.

Explore Our Rolf Spectacles Collection Today

The brand keeps procurement networks localized and within the region as an element of the ROLF ideology. But despite staying near home, ROLF has established itself as a major force in the eyeglass industry. Individual opticians all over the globe spread the message of the company’s environmentalism, natural elements, and minimalistic styles. As a result, its direction of eyewear design appears to be promising and founded on sustainability.


As we strive to offer personalized, high-quality services at Art of Optiks, we enjoy providing our customers with clear vision. We encourage you to visit one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata or contact our team to learn more about eccentric Rolf eyewear today.



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