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Rapp Optical Eyewear

Limited Rapp Eyewear

Discover the modern, unique, high-end Rapp eyewear collection. 

The international bestseller, Rapp Optical, was established in 1983 by Mel Rapp in Toronto, Canada. From a small retail optical dispensary, Rapp Optical Eyewear evolved into designing and manufacturing handcrafted optical solutions that sell worldwide. 

Mel Rapp began his journey in a small space in the back of his mother’s hat shop. As a family business made up of a team of three, the brand grew globally thanks to its commitment to quality. With the help of his wife and son, the trio later established a joint enterprise in 2006 named Rapp Eyewear. Art of Optiks has been blessed to be among the limited retailers of the prestigious Rapp eyeglasses collection. These glasses are incredibly limited, at times ranging from 20 to 30 sets per collection. 


A Wearable Rarity 

Rapp eyeglasses are instantly recognizable by stunning frames and impeccable craftsmanship. Their series of different designs grace top magazines and silver screens. 

The matte finish of Rapp eyeglass frames and modern high-end feel aftertouch is what truly sets this brand apart. Made from raw, unpolished titanium on the temple and Italian acetate on the rim, the superior quality material combination gives these frames their distinctive trademark. 

“Each pair of Rapp glasses is hand-finished entirely, so they get a lot of attention. We don’t use any mass finishing like the whole industry does. You’ll see most frames are round and glossy, and ours are really sharp and crisp, and the only way to achieve that is by hand. It’s hands-on for everyone who works at the factory.” – Designer Shilo Rapp 


Rapp Glasses

Artistic creations with modern designs are what define Rapp eyeglass frames and glasses. The designers put time and passion into creating something new. Introduction and release of new designs happen once or twice per annum with chic looks and exclusive colors, making the wait worthwhile.

Rapp as a brand has managed to earn countless design and brand awards, including the Ontario Business Achievement Award. You can even see Sir Elton John was captured wearing a Rapp eyeglass frame on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Since then, more top celebrities have been spotted putting on Rapp eyeglasses and inspiring looks around the world. 

Rapp glasses are based on precise measurements, resulting in better lenses for your uncorrected eyes. Additionally, their lens manufacturing process is specifically done in their own supervised lab from the assembling to the finishing point.l Rapp eyeglasses not only give you that unique polished look, but also their exquisite modern appearance breathes confidence. Art of Optiks is part of the few opticians that have the privilege of carefully curating this special handmade eyewear for you.

Shop Rapp Eyewear and Opticals Today

There is so much to consider apart from the frame when it comes to eyewear. Full optical eyewear combination involves putting your prescription lenses together with the frame of your choice. Most importantly, the frame has to match your face structure and personality to ensure it brings out your beauty and confidence.

Rapp Optical manufactures limited collections of specially tailored, hand-finished eyewear for specific clientele. For more than three decades, Rapp Optical eyewear has been known for its speciality in bringing together modern technology with old-fashioned style. They design exclusively posh eyewear and never make a replica of any collection once sold out. Try a pair today at either of our locations in Edina or Wayzata or talk with our team to learn more about the latest Rapp collection.

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