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Piero Massaro develops custom-made eyeglasses in the finest Italian tradition, featuring eyewear that boasts tempting embellishments and unexpected color combinations. Piero Massaro is a master artisan who “reasons with his fingers.” He only utilizes craftsmen who understand the true purpose of his collection and create with almost obsessive precision.

Massaro’s artisans make glasses in limited batches and conjure the dignity of traditions, appreciation for the elegance of manual work, stylistic study, polished design, and outstanding material specifications.

Piero Massaro has garnered worldwide recognition for his dedication and fortitude. The international consortium of Silmo D’Or nominated him twice, in 2012 and 2018, and in 2014, awarded him a coveted special prize. Later, during the 23rd publication of IOFT in 2019, he received the Japan Eyewear Award in the “Ladies Eyewear” division. The Piero Massaro eyewear collection comes full of long-lasting glassware. His creations and alternatives are perfect for both formal and informal occasions. 

At Art of Optiks, we offer a diverse selection of handcrafted, limited-production Piero Massaro eyewear. Our clinicians, technicians, and opticians use high-quality medical and optical technologies to provide a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to every patient’s specific needs, while also building long-term connections. We place as much emphasis on eye care as on eyewear, with an in-house lab and professionals on standby to provide a genuinely spectacular experience.

Piero Masaro Eyewear

A Hand-Crafted Italian Masterpiece

Piero Massaro’s eyewear is constructed entirely of cellulose acetate, the only plastic substance derived from plant material, which includes cotton staple fiber rather than petroleum. Massaro leverages these high-quality materials to create three-dimensional and unrivaled color effects.

Piero Massaro eyewear offers openness, color brightness, and wonderful harmonies. The unique properties of the materials allow for hand-made glassware that is truly stunning. The frameworks come unpainted, but “tumbled,” where the frames and temples are put in special barrels incorporating plastic pieces, beech, and Birchwood, and curved rough pumice that whirl endlessly for many days, gently rounding off the individual elements.

The technicians then advance with “blasting,” a mechanical procedure that involves shredding the very outer part of the eyewear using abrasion. This is achieved with a very tiny stream of sand sprayed on the physically positioned eyeglasses, each at a time, inside a special machine, which provides the eyeglasses with their unique sandblasted appearance.


The Piero Massaro Collection

Piero Massaro’s eyeglasses are an endless dance of color, a quest for proportionality, and visual and tactile contradictions all rolled into one. This brilliant designer’s artisan mastery provides flawless chemistry of shapes, shades, and dimensions.

Its colorful inserts blend seamlessly with unique and flamboyant shapes, manifestations of colorful and unpredictable strands, line crossovers, and various thicknesses. With Piero Massaro’s eyewear, imagination and intelligence are interconnected, courtesy of the award-winning bayonet attachment, which enables you to detach or attach the temples to the frames with a single gesture. This is an all-Italian trademark that combines art and technology.

Piero Massaro only uses Rhodos for his eyewear, a substance with a toasty and silky tune from vegetable components like a cotton bow that stands out for openness and brightness. It exudes an excellent palette for bringing out vivid hues. The Rhodoid acetate, which is influenced by beautifully woven fabrics, gives this series a three-dimensional refinement, along with other eye-catching qualities. The collection includes six acetate frames plus two sunglasses, all available in six different hues.

Shop Piero Massaro Glasses and Eyewear Today

With a goal of providing our clients with clear vision and beautiful frames, Art of Optiks endeavors to deliver high-quality eyewear solutions. This is why we stock all the fashionable frames from renowned eyewear manufacturers, including Piero Massaro. A vast assortment of branded sunglasses is also available.

Our mission is to assist you in seeing, looking, and feeling your best. We want to be your total eye care provider, dedicated to your eye’s overall wellbeing and building a long-term connection. We encourage you to stop by and experience what it is to select an appropriate pair of glasses, whether you are looking for your first pair of premium eyewear, want to refresh your classic look, or just want to make a statement. You can also contact us to tell us about a custom pair of glasses you would love and we will process your order instantly.

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