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Mr. Leight Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Mr. Leight glasses was created by Garett Leight in his hometown of Venice in 2009. Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) was formed by Garett Leight afterward. His first eyewear assortment was influenced by his unique upbringing and showed the aesthetic and intellectual prowess he originated from. Mr. Leight glasses was a critically acclaimed hit. The first two Venice-inspired eyewear collections spawned several of the brand’s finest eyewear pieces of all time.


Garett Leight developed his first designs based on the impact of his clientele, who were stylish intellectual individuals with very savvy interests and occupations, slipping entirely under the spotlight. That is, in light, the essence of a Venice artist.

Mr. Leight

Eyewear For the Distinct 

Mr. Leight Glasses does not operate in the conventional sphere. Instead, they concentrate on building a close-knit community of individuals who believe in their collection. The brand offers a natural synchronization. It offers a home for those who believe in something. Their collections celebrate both comfort and novelty, often inspired by classic silhouettes of yesteryear. 


This beloved boutique began its journey in California as a collaboration between father and son, Larry and Garret Leight. Garrett stems from countless generations of designers, artisans, and craftsmen who have created original designs. Together, this duo is committed to combining the new with the classic while leveraging their powerful eyewear knowledge for unrivaled quality. 


These aren’t simply designers, but optical experts who love to create. Beyond Mr. Leight eyewear there lies Garret Leight California Optical, a trusted brand that aims to bridge clearer vision with impeccable designs. 


Mr. Leight Glasses & Sunglasses

By fusing the past with the present, Mr. Leight glasses looks to pay homage to classic styles and timeless designs while sprinting forward with innovation. Their obsession with artistic expression, cultural references, and bold creations comes together to create a truly inspiring eyewear collection. Mr. Leight’s eyeglasses are crafted with the therapeutic gems Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye are among the most unique designs until now. 


Their sunglasses, along with the designer’s “Magician Sunglasses,” which feature frames that alter color when exposed to Ultraviolet light, have made an impression on the market, demonstrating that Mr. Leight and his team have a synergistic creative connection, if not harmonic. Mr. Leight’s sunglasses combine design, function, and craftsmanship to create a product that lasts for eons. It isn’t about following trends; it’s about developing designs that become an aspect of your style.

Shop Mr. Leight Eyewear Today 

Mr. Leight’s sunglasses and eyewear are stylish, progressive, and understatedly opulent. Their designs are a reflection of their optical knowledge. They’ve perfected both fitting and ingenuity through meticulous engineering and unique detailing. Classic forms such as the Aviator, Mr. Leight Marmont, and Cat-Eye are upgraded with elements such as titanium, rose gold, and pearl for nose cushions in their glasses. Each collection is designed around an idealistic place as a salute to the Leight Lifestyle. 


Some of their frames are named after renowned locations in Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, as a nod to their homeland of Los Angeles. Reach out to Art of Optiks today and get your timeless piece of Mr. Leight Glasses. We’ll walk you through the various options and explain how the lens attributes will benefit you. We would like you to obtain the finest glasses possible without having to pay for something you do not need.

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