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Authentic Monoceros Glasses

Monoceros: The New Masterpiece From Rolf

Monoceros is the new design from acclaimed Austrian maker Rolf.  Rolf has one goal in mind with all their eyewear: sustainable luxury. The company was born in 2009 in a basement located in the small Austrian municipality of Lechaschau.  There, Roland Wolf and three other innovators dreamt of making glasses that would be fashionable enough for Cannes while also having a minimal impact on the environment. The four young dreamers tinkered, designed, and crafted in order to build the perfect frame.


The first generations of Rofl glasses were made with wooden frames that came from renewable sources. By minimizing the need for plastic and metals, Rolf’s product line was a pioneer in sustainability. But the Austrian fashionistas weren’t done and went on to make 3D printed glasses with material sourced from organic bean plants. Designing such visionary glasses required a great deal of ingenuity. Most of Rolf’s glasses come with over 80 individual work points to keep them functional and stylish. For their efforts, Rofl was awarded the 2021 Silmo d’Or award for its stylish and eco-conscious glasses. More recently, the company was nominated for the German Sustainability Award.

Monoceros Eyewear

Exceptional Craft Meets Unique Design

Named after the constellation that can be seen in the northern sky, Monoceros is a highly sought-after product line from these fashionable Austrian designers. The name carries significant undertones, as the legends around the constellation hold stories of unattainable goals. 

Unlike designs from other lines from Rofl, Monoceros is made exclusively from sustainable buffalo horns. The horn is never cut, but rather bent by utilizing new manufacturing technology.  The horn is bent nearly 90 degrees to create the ideal shape. The results are as stylish as they are durable. 

With buffalo horn, Monoceros glasses are far more flexible than frames made from plastic or metal. The frames can bend in such a way that will attract curious onlookers. The hinges of the frame are made from wood, meaning Monoceros glasses are completely free from metal or plastic. Interestingly enough, buffalo horn is one of the oldest materials used to make glasses.  But using buffalo horn fell out of favor and was replaced with cheap plastics and metals.  That was until recent times when consumers started demanding more eco-friendly products as well as a favorability for traditional materials. 

Monoceros perfectly blends the old with the new. With a specially dedicated technology, Monoceros has made buffalo horn glasses that are unprecedented to any other. The unisex glasses are stylish yet casual, making them perfect for any occasion. Monoceros won some of its own awards too, adding to Rolf’s already impressive trophy collection. Recently, the Monoceros Ara won the RedDot award for its stunning look. 



A Fusion of Past and Future

Monoceros eyewear blends timeless artisan traditions with modern innovative creativity to craft stunning designs. With sustainability at its foundation and expression at its helm, Monoceros eyewear preserves luxury without compromise. Their use of innovative production techniques and exceptional designs utilizes a single plate of buffalo horn for consistent fiber, structure, and color throughout the entire frame. 

Monoceros is something new etched in the runes of yesteryear. Their beautifully designed products can be found at our shops located in Edina or Wayzata Minnesota. Contact us to learn more about our luxury eyewear collection today. 

Shop Monoceros Glasses & Sunglasses Today

Art of Optiks can get you fitted with a new pair of Monoceros or any other line from Rolf Spectacles. Named one of the top 5 optical retailers in 2019, our friendly and helpful staff is eager to get you fitted in a stylish new pair of Monoceros Glasses or sunglasses.  


We are one of the few optician offices that strive to import world-class designs from all over Europe. Owner Stephanie Hayes travels all over the world to bring the best and unique designs to the Twin Cities. Many of the frames we carry come from small and independent designers, making sure your glasses are as unique as you are. Our efforts to bring the most fashionable eyewear to the North Star State have earned Art of Optiks a plethora of recognition. We have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award multiple times, and have frequently been featured in Lake Minnetonka Magazine and Crave Minneapolis. 


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