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Maybach Eyewear

Maybach Eyewear breathes luxury. These frames are at the pinnacle of high-end fashion and represent the very best that the industry has to offer. The frames are perfect in every detail, from the finest materials to meticulous craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or simply want the best quality available, Maybach Eyewear offers both functionality and art. Created from the finest raw materials and built with unmatched attention to detail, Maybach is synonymous with excellence.

The History of Maybach Eyewear: A Luxury Brand is Born

Maybach Eyewear offers precious collections of unparalleled beauty, design, and longevity. Their handcrafted frames provide the latest fashion styles and bridge the gap between trends and timelessness. Maybach began its eyewear journey in 2010, but its history is steeped in luxurious lore. Its parent company, German eyewear manufacturer IVKO, has decades of expertise and success in the eyewear industry. 


Maybach has been around for over a century, leading the way of automotive perfection since 1918. They preserved their attention to detail by putting the same great care and attention to craftsmanship into their eyewear collection. Each pair is individually handcrafted in Germany using both traditional and modern techniques. 

Maybach Eyewear

A Distinctive Collection

Maybach is a fashion-forward brand with hand-crafted luxury eyewear. Each frame is hand-made using raw materials to offer the latest styles and color trends available.


Maybach Eyewear offers high-quality optical products built by true artisans. With both sun and optical glasses available, Maybach has something for everyone. Their frames are the pinnacle of fashion, quality construction, and style. From classic shapes to high-tech materials, Maybach Eyewear has what’s right for you. You can also choose from a wide variety of metal and acetate frames, as well as titanium and stainless steel versions.

In addition to classic shapes, you can find aviator sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, ophthalmic glasses, and more at this premier eyewear seller. You can also choose your lenses, including single vision or progressive lenses. Your eyewear choices should always be determined by your face shape, budget, and personal style. That’s why Maybach Eyewear offers so many frame options, so you can find the perfect one that gives you the look you want. For instance, the Maybach Monovision is a great option if you are looking for an ultra-thin frame that makes a subtle statement. Alternatively, go for the Super Slim if you want something with more volume and presence. It is slim at the top and bridges, but broader on the bottom to give you a masculine look that isn’t too narrow.

Maybach Eyewear

An Immediate Statement

Maybach eyewear’s striking and refined designs will turn heads and draw compelling attention to your unique style. With various shapes and colors, you’ll find a match for your facial structure. Maybach’s collection is manufactured from the best raw materials for maximum comfort and longevity. Chic designs, distinct looks, and its very own custom case keeps your eyewear protected from the elements and fast-fashion trends. 

Shop for Maybach Eyewear Glasses and Sunglasses Today

Not all glasses are created equal. The Maybach eyewear collection is the apex of luxury and comfort. With top-notch craftsmanship and best-in-class materials, it’s no surprise so many high-end consumers choose Maybach. Art of Optiks offers an extensive selection of Maybach eyewear and sunglasses. Visit one of our many locations to discover your luxury.

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