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Masunaga Eyewear

Masunaga: Meticulous Craft in Every Pair

In 1905, founder Gozaemon Masunaga assembled the best jewelers and eyewear specialists from Tokyo and Osaka to establish a cooperative system whereby his craftsmen could create their own businesses. The Masunaga glasses collective spread all over the Fukui prefecture to plant the roots of what became the Masunaga company today. Gozaemon Masunaga was not only creating a designer eyewear brand or even a single company — he was creating an entire specialty-eyeglass industry.


Today, the modern Masunaga eyewear facility handles all processes in-house for full control over the quality of its work. There, they have created a marvel of technical ingenuity with respect for traditional hand-forming processes that are a true synthesis of custom craftsmanship further refined and supported by advanced technology. As a result, Masunaga glasses are truly jewelry-grade works of art built with exceptional functionality.


Masunaga Eyewear

A Stunning Commitment to Excellence

Masunaga’s eyeglass technicians create the first of any new model completely on-site, wearing and honing the design until they are completely certain that there is no discomfort at all. Only when this first prototype passes their initial assessment do they settle on a final design and begin scaling up production, which involves over 200 manual processes to form just the frame itself.


In their bold approach to modern eyewear, Masunaga’s mission statement has always been to:


“Make a profit if we can, but we don’t hesitate to take a loss. It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses.”


Not many companies stake their profits on the purity of their skill. In fact, the early Masunaga guild’s work even improved the technology necessary to create beautifully synthesized gold-copper and gold-silver frames. For over a century, the Masunaga name has pushed boundaries and earned countless awards.


Truly, their legacy is only pressing further on after a century of masterful excellence. Just when most eyeglass companies dramatically reduced production, Masunaga ambitiously forged ahead. In the short years following 2020, they produced more than 100 new frames with spectacular color variations and form factors that are as striking for their refined focus as they are powerful for their understated but stunning presence.


Looking Ahead When Others Won’t

When beholding the latest Masunaga prescription glasses and sunglasses, one notices upon closer inspection that the frames are ergonomically designed for easy use and universal wearability. Masunaga’s frame lines are extremely clean and sharp, and however stylish any one model may be, they always serve to accentuate the beauty of the beholder. Rather than draw unnecessary attention to the piece – understandable though it is with any work of art – the latest Masunaga eyewear brings out the richness of character within the one the piece is meant for. As a result, Masunaga glasses have a style that is felt as much as it is seen.


With a type of flexible β-titanium normally sourced for the likes of elite race-car suspensions, the Masunaga designers were able to create ultra-thin yet powerful lines at less than a millimeter thick. They also employed a new spring design that bends a full 180°, thus maximizing elasticity and load dispersal for truly magnificent levels of comfort.


In some models, luxury is further increased with punch-out designs made with a jeweler’s eye for intricate yet meaningful shapes, decreasing weight even further. All of these elements go into a modern design that makes Masunaga glasses feel like wearing nothing at all, even for extended periods; yet however light they are, they do not have the tendency to shift on the face, and they rest right where they are placed. After experiencing this for yourself, you’ll know that your prescription Masunaga glasses are impeccably balanced with technicality and crafted with peerless artistry.

Shop Masunaga Prescription Eyewear Today

With an eye for both exceptional style and the latest advancements in eye health, Art of Optiks carries only the best prescription eyeglasses. Masunaga delivers eyewear that is so comfortable that your eyestrain will become a thing of the past. These frames are also extremely non-distracting when worn, and will serve an unimpeded view of the world — albeit a little sharper and clearer (and that goes for your style, as well). Do yourself a favor, and try any of our line of prescription Masunaga eyeglass pieces the next time you want to sharpen your vision with equal parts style and function. As our line of Masunaga prescription glasses shows, the modern Masunaga eyewear guild has perfected that balance, along with their craft.

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