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The beauty of simplicity takes center stage with Lindberg Eyewear. In Lindberg’s world of luxurious Danish spectacles, you can expect elegance and meticulous details in each pair of glasses and sunglasses. In 1983, Poul-Jorn Lindberg founded the Lindberg brand with the help of architect Hans Dissing. Dissing’s unique architectural hand is a quintessential aspect of Lindberg eyewear’s eye-catching character to this day.

Throughout the decades, Lindberg glasses have garnered over 40 awards and received a Warrant of Appointment distinction, an honor given to luxury brands that serve the royal family. Experience regality with your very own pair of Lindberg frames. Art of Optiks is proud to supply authentic Lindberg glasses and sunglasses for men and women at both of our convenient locations.

Unique Danish Architectural Designs

Responsibly-Sourced Premium Materials That Push the Envelope

Lindberg eyewear defines high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. While budget eyewear designers mass-produce eyeglasses with cheap, low-quality materials, Lindberg frames are made to order and crafted from superb materials such as titanium, acetate, gold, diamonds, and platinum. Not to mention, all materials used by Lindberg are sourced responsibly with care for the environment.

Constructed from these high-quality materials, Lindberg frames are far more strong and durable than most eyeglasses on the market. You can expect your pair of Lindberg glasses to last you for years.

Every Lindberg frame is steeped in Danish design tradition. Hans Dissing’s architectural influence is present in each pair crafted with impeccable artistry and technique. Lindberg glasses thrive with simple, aesthetically pleasing designs that make a remarkable statement on all face shapes.

Minimalism: Always on Trend

Timeless Designs That Boast Comfort and Style

Lindberg captures the essence of minimalism by doing away with everything that is not essential. Gone are the days of screws, rivets, or welds in any Lindberg designs, making their eyewear some of the most lightweight and comfortable frames on the planet.

These minimalist frames are perfect for eyewear enthusiasts who value classic elegance. Lindberg glasses’ high-quality materials and architectural designs make them stand out from the crowd in a sophisticated, elegant way. No shapes, sizes, or skin tones are excluded from Lindberg eyewear, as the aesthetically pleasing design choices are flattering on all faces.

While stylish rimless glasses are what Lindberg was originally known for, the brand has branched out to include semi-rimless and rimmed styles that adhere to its classic minimalist style. With unique architectural shapes and creative color combinations, it’s clear to see why Lindberg is one of the top names in the luxury eyewear market.

Shop Lindberg Glasses and Sunglasses Today

Whether you’re looking for a classic round, square, cat-eye, or a more geometric frame, Lindberg has something for everyone. Make a statement with bold colors and shapes, or elegantly complement your minimalist style with durable and sophisticated glasses from a Lindberg collection.

See aesthetically pleasing and impeccably crafted Lindberg eyeglasses for yourself at Art of Optiks in Edina or Wayzata. Search “Lindberg glasses near me” to discover the nearest Art of Optiks location to you. One of our skilled opticians will be happy to help you find the perfect pair of Lindberg glasses to match your unique personality.

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