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Kirk and Kirk handcrafts each pair of eyeglass frames in its French artisan shop, shaping Italian acrylic into fun, unique frames. Jason Kirk founded the brand in 1992 under the name of Kirk Originals. As a third-generation optician, Jason Kirk discovered a box of frames his grandfather and great uncle designed in the 1920s and 1930s while closing out his father’s optical office. These designs by the Kirk brothers inspired him to create his own masterpiece.

From pops of color that brighten the wearer’s face to handmade jewelry finishes imported from England, Kirk and Kirk eyewear is designed around the idea of each pair becoming part of the wearer. Art of Optiks is a local supplier of handcrafted Kirk and Kirk eyewear at both our Edina and Wayzata locations.

Cartier first produced eyeglasses for the public in 1983, aiming to bring luxury quality to glasses and sunglasses for men and women. Art of Optiks is proud to supply authentic Cartier glasses at both our Edina and Wayzata locations. Each pair of eyeglasses comes complete with a hard leather case, cleaning cloth, and certificate of authenticity.

Kirk and Kirk: A Vision Comes to Life

After meeting his now-wife, Karen, a graphic designer, shortly after his father’s death, Jason Kirk invited Karen to join the firm. While his family’s designer frames had used metal as the main material, Jason and Karen chose modern acetate, an organic plastic.

Continuing until 2013 as Kirk Originals, the couple opened three London locations. When they parted ways with the investors that year, they formed their current company, built to expand distribution while retaining its small, handcrafted lab.

Inspired by Victorian fashion and design, the designers place a tiny decorative pin in the shape of a small animal into each design. This unobtrusive, yet unique aspect of each design remains noticeable only to those directly looking at the wearer.

Wear Confidence in Comfort

While the majority of the raw materials come from Italy, the handcrafted gold or silver animal jewelry featured on each pair of glasses comes from Birmingham, England. These tiny totems are featured on the end pieces, adding each frame’s third dimension, as Jason Kirk puts it.

Since each pair is handcrafted, you obtain a choice somewhat akin to a bespoke pair. Each design comes in six colors, and five jewelry designs. This allows each Kirk and Kirk wearer to obtain a pair of glasses that no other person has. Specially developed acrylic is used in the design process to provide lightwear, comfortable wear regardless of the frame’s appearance.

Discover Kirk and Kirk Eyewear Today

You don’t need a time machine to travel back to the 1920s to own the epitome of handcrafted eyewear. Instead, you can invest in a pair of these funky, exquisitely made Kirk and Kirk frames when you visit Art of Optiks. Take home a new friend for your face by purchasing a pair of Kirk and Kirk glasses or sunglasses.

Kirk and Kirk eyewear is designed with you in mind with geometric shapes, soft circles, and face-framing ovals. Stop in to one of our Art of Optiks locations in Edina or Wayzata or contact us today to learn more about our extravagant eyewear collections.

Cartier glasses are beautifully designed jewelry for your face. See the excellence of Cartier for yourself at Art of Optiks. Stop in to our conveniently located Edina or Wayzata locations or contact us to learn more about our luxury eyewear collections today.

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