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What do you get when you combine trendy Los Angeles, timeless France, and BMX bikes? You get Jacques Marie Mage, simply the coolest glasses and sunglasses brand on the market. Founded by Frenchman Jerome Mage in 2015, Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses stand out from standard minimalist designs that crowd the eyewear scene.

As a Los Angeles-based eyewear company, Jacques Marie Mage specializes in micro-production. Each piece is limited-edition and highly exclusive, with only up to a few hundred found globally. Jerome Mage draws inspiration from bold architectural shapes, unconventional dimensions, and playful exuberance to achieve a sense of timeless cool in each pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses.

Jacques Marie Mage: Edgy, Cool, and Elite

To Jerome Mage, a BMX bike collector, eyeglasses aren’t a hobby or even an occupation; they’re an obsession. Mage owns more than 1,000 vintage pairs of glasses and sunglasses. He studied sculpture and product design in Paris and brought his unique line of fashionable eyewear to Los Angeles.

Each pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses and sunglasses are personally handcrafted. In fact, over one hundred people construct and inspect every detail of the spectacles in a stringent quality control process before sending them to boutiques. Due to such a high level of craftsmanship and quality assurance, Jacques Marie Mage pieces are designed to last a lifetime.

In a world that is overrun with minimalist designs, Jacques Marie Mage glasses and sunglasses are striking enough to stand out from the crowd. All Jacques Marie Mage spectacles feature distinctively chunky frames, unconventional titanium shapes, or uniquely colored tinted lenses. Jacques Marie Mage eyewear attracts bold and daring people who refuse to stick to the status quo.

Unique, Exclusive Design For the Bold and Daring

Each pair of glasses and sunglasses is handcrafted by manufacturers in Italy and Japan who use machines that date back to just after World War II. The result from these specialty machines is frames that are less precisely cut than mass-produced glasses. Jerome Mage prefers it this way, as the process gives every individual pair a unique, exclusive feel with personalized details.

With regards to the environment, Jacques Marie Mage is an incredibly eco-conscious brand. In addition to sustainable production practices, the brand cares deeply about conserving national parks and wildlife. Each year, Jacques Marie Mage donates a percentage of their annual revenue to the foundations Yellowstone Forever and Living With Wolves.

Take Home a Pair of Jacques Marie Mage Eyeglasses Today

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Paris, or Minnesota, Jacques Marie Mage eyewear is designed to allow your unique personality to stand out from the crowd. With distinctive twists on classic silhouettes like aviators, cat-eyes, wraparounds, and wayfarers, you are sure to find a pair of Jacques Marie Mage frames that complement your style.

Come see impeccably crafted and inexpliably cool Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses for yourself at Art of Optiks in Edina or Wayzata. Art of Optiks is one of the only Jacques Marie Mage eyewear retailers in the Midwest, so don’t miss your opportunity to take home a piece of exclusive luxury. Stop in today and one of our friendly team members will help you find the perfect pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses.

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