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Trendy Falvin Eyewear

From a traditional cat eye and ophthalmic lines to crystal black palladium, diamonds, and high-quality metals, Falvin is a popular brand offering eyewear for both men and women. Birgitte Falvin founded Falvin eyewear in 2015 after finding inspiration in Nordic and Japanese styles. Falvin glasses and sunglasses are known for their versatile, every day design and quality with focus inspired by the Danish design mantra.


Every Flavin frame is designed in Denmark and crafted in Japan to suit your style and measurements to complement any look. Art of Optiks is a local carrier of authentic Falvin eyewear at both our Edina and Wayzata locations. We encourage you to stop in, meet with one of our skilled opticians, and find your perfect pair today.

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Falvin: A Perfect Balance

Falvin’s creator, Birgitte Falvin, trained as a jewelry designer which has taught her a unique appreciation for items crafted from unique materials such as palladium, diamonds, 24-carat gold, Japanese titanium, and rose gold. Whether you’re looking for simplistic design, contemporary elegance, or diamonds and jewels, Falvin has you covered.


Falvin offers exceptional, trendy frames that are luxurious and suitable for every day in the office. You can also wear them as an accessory that best suits the style you have always desired. There are a variety of contemporary shapes in lightweight and high-quality titanium designs.

Fine Craft Meets Individuality

Every pair of Falvin glasses is designed with the customer in mind, meaning you will never find two similar pairs of Falvins. These state-of-the-art frames offer a perfect balance between your personality and your facial features to suit every type of lifestyle.


Trendy Falvin eyewear is designed from a variety of fine materials that will surely take your breath away. The assortment of customized glasses and sunglasses come in different colors and designs to suit your character and style. Falvin frames are known to blend naturally with clothing and skin tones to ensure you make a fashion statement each day.

Discover Falvin Glasses and Sunglasses Today

Whether you’re searching for a simplistic or unique design, Falvin has the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for you. You can own a piece from this culture-inspired collection when you visit Art of Optiks. Add an aesthetically appealing pair of Falvin eyewear to your wardrobe.


Falvin glasses and sunglasses are exquisite works of art designed for your face. We encourage you to see the impression Falvin makes by visiting Art of Optiks today. We have locations in both Edina and Wayzata, and our experienced eye care team looks forward to fitting you.


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