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Edina Eye Clinic

Art of Optiks is an eye care clinic in Edina, Minnesota offering a range of comprehensive care options. We strive to offer industry-leading eye care services for Edina residents at an affordable cost, from comprehensive eye exams and pediatric eye care to contact lens fittings, LASIK consultations, and more.

Our team of board-certified eye doctors is well-equipped to handle a variety of eye and vision problems, from routine to the most complex. Whether you require a routine eye exam, have noticed changes to your vision, or are inquiring about other symptoms, the award-winning care team at Art of Optiks in Edina, Minnesota is here for you.

Our Services

At Art of Optiks, we understand that every patient’s needs differ, and that’s why we have developed and perfected a patient-centered approach to ensure you receive thorough care every time. Explore our range of industry-leading eye care services below:

Luxury Eyewear

Are you looking for the perfect everyday fit? What about something more high-end? Regardless of the type of glasses you’re looking for; we encourage you to visit our Edina eye clinic. We offer a range of luxury eyewear, including glasses and sunglasses, that are handcrafted from rare, precious metals. Find a design that fits your personality by stopping in today.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye exams are essential for preventative health care and overall wellness. During your eye exam, an Edina optometrist will conduct a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check for ocular diseases. Our care team utilizes the latest diagnostic technologies to identify current eye health problems, uncover warning signs, and meet our high standard of patient care.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is utilized to improve an individual’s visual abilities by strengthening the connection between your brain and eyes. It is proven to be effective for both children and adults. Our vision therapy team incorporates a variety of exercises to develop the visual skills necessary for clear vision.

Contact Lens Fittings

Glasses aren’t for everyone, and at times, contacts are more preferred. Our outstanding Edina optometrists are available to guide you through the journey of transitioning from glasses to contacts by completing a thorough contact lens fitting and as-needed training. Tired of glasses? Schedule your contact lens fitting at our Edina eye clinic today.

Lasik Consultations

LASIK or laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive alternative to glasses or contact lenses. If you’re interested in LASIK and want to know if you’re a valid candidate, schedule a LASIK consultation with Art of Optiks today.

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is a non-surgical approach to clearer vision. CRT has been known to improve vision in a matter of months and is an excellent alternative for those who aren’t interested in LASIK. Schedule an appointment with an Edina optometrist if you’d like to restore good natural daytime vision using a non-surgical approach.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Care

Proper care before and after eye surgery is vital for safe recovery. If you have an upcoming surgery, our experienced care team is available to provide you with pre-op and post-op care instructions, so you can recover quickly with little to no obstacles. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Ocular Disease Management

At Art of Optiks, preserving the eyesight of our patients is our greatest goal. In addition to routine eye care, we also have experience and knowledge in managing a variety of common ocular diseases. Thanks to our award-winning team, we have established a reputation for excellence in all aspects of patient care, including ocular disease management.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Individuals of every age need quality eye care, and we’re ready to help your child. Whether your child is experiencing vision problems or needs a routine pediatric eye exam, our award-winning care team is available. Take advantage of quality pediatric eye care services at our Edina eye clinic today.

Take a Proactive Approach to Eye Care

Even if your eyes feel healthy, you could have a problem and not know it. That’s because many eye problems only have mild symptoms. We urge you to keep an eye on your ocular health and make sure you catch any changes that indicate a more significant issue. Prioritizing your eye health can help identify potential issues with your eyesight and receive the right treatment before things worsen.

In most cases, eye problems are mild and will often go away with simple treatment. However, some eye problems may be severe and require the attention of an experienced Edina optometrist. Specialists at our Edina eye clinic can identify eye health issues before they evolve into something more serious.

Quality Eye Care Services in Edina, Minnesota

At Art of Optiks, our team of qualified eye care specialists, nurses, and numerous other collaborating support staff is available to help you care for your eye health. Our goal is to deliver excellent eye care for our patients with a commitment to personal attention and customer service, ensuring good eye health and lifelong vision for all our patients.

We strive to meet the needs of our patients promptly, professionally, and effectively in a safe, comfortable environment. The needs of our patients are at the forefront of everything we do. We pledge to provide all patients with the best eye care available. Our Edina eye clinic welcomes both eye emergencies and scheduled appointments.

If you have any concerns with your eye health or have not recently had a professional eye test, book your appointment with us for a comprehensive eye exam. Please contact our office for more information on how we can help you achieve the finest possible vision.

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