Contact Lens Fittings St. Louis Park
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Contact Lens Fittings St. Louis Park

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Welcome to Art of Optiks, your reliable eyewear and eye care center. We are renowned for our premium contact lens fittings aimed at enhancing your vision with a flexible and convenient eyewear option. Whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced contact lens wearer, we recognize that everyone has distinct needs and preferences.


Our committed eye doctors at Art of Optiks are devoted to delivering personalized eye care. Our contact lens fittings are designed to provide comfort and adaptability for various lifestyles. Our mission is to ensure the perfect fit for you, whether you prefer daily disposables, extended wear, or specialty lenses.


We firmly believe that clear vision is attainable for all. Hence, we offer an extensive selection of contact lenses to address various vision issues such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. We will work hand-in-hand with you to determine the most suitable lens type that offers you the clearest vision and utmost comfort.



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All You Need to Know

 Discover the unparalleled flexibility of contact lenses for all your routine needs. Serving as a liberating and attractive substitute to glasses, contact lenses not only improve your eyesight but also accommodate a wide array of needs. Whether it’s for special occasions, sports activities, or casual weekend getaways, contact lenses seamlessly integrate into your dynamic lifestyle.


At Art of Optiks, we provide exceptional care through thorough contact lens evaluations and precise fitting services. Our respected eye doctors strive to understand your unique eye characteristics and personal preferences to determine if contact lenses are the perfect fit for your personality and lifestyle. Our extensive experience and expertise ensure a smooth and comfortable experience with contact lenses. You’ll not only achieve top-notch visual clarity, but you’ll also embark on a transformative visual journey that aligns with your daily routine and personal choices. Experience the Art of Optiks difference today.

Contact Lens Consultation

Our eye doctors at Art of Optiks stay on the cutting edge of advancements in the contact lens field, continually striving to enhance comfort, convenience, and accessibility for those who prefer contact lenses. We take into account a wide range of factors to meticulously determine whether contact lenses are the perfect solution for you.


In our quest to personalize your experience, our doctors delve into your lifestyle and health, assessing how they might influence the best contact lens choices for you. We consider conditions like astigmatism and dry eye syndrome, which could pose challenges. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that your chosen contact lenses satisfy your vision needs. Our wide array of lens options includes:

  • Daily Disposables
  • Monthly Disposables
  • Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
  • Multifocals
  • Monovision
  • Toric Multifocals
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Ortho-Keratology
  • RGPs
  • Hybrid Lenses

We know that transitioning from glasses to contacts can be daunting, especially for new users. Our skilled technicians provide concise, step-by-step guidance on insertion and removal methods, easing any discomfort and boosting your confidence. Experience our streamlined and customized approach to contact lens fittings at Art of Optiks for all St. Louis Park residents.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a more common issue than you might realize, and it can significantly impact your daily life. This condition occurs when your eyes lack sufficient lubrication from tears, resulting in discomfort and noticeable symptoms. If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms, you may be dealing with dry eyes:


Dry eye syndrome arises when your eyes don’t produce enough or the right quality of tears. Symptoms vary from stinging or burning to excessive tearing during stressful periods.

Our dedicated team understands the discomfort this condition causes. We’re committed to delivering personalized care, starting with a thorough eye examination to identify potential issues. The examination includes:


  • Corneal Curvature Assessment: This helps us understand your eye’s shape and size, crucial for determining dry eye syndrome severity and planning treatment.
  • Pupil Size Determination: Measuring your pupil size allows us to see how your eyes react to light and if there are underlying issues causing dry eye syndrome.
  • Tear Film Evaluation: We assess your tear film’s stability and quality, vital for managing dry eye syndrome.


We offer various treatment options for dry eye syndrome, including prescription eye drops, lifestyle changes, and occasionally minor surgical procedures. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and guide you towards improved eye health. Experience exceptional patient care at Art of Optiks.


Astigmatism, a common eye condition caused by an irregular cornea or lens, can lead to blurred or distorted vision, eye discomfort, and headaches. At Art of Optiks, we use advanced diagnostics for accurate astigmatism detection and assessment. Our comprehensive eye exams include:


  • Refraction Test: Helps determine your eye’s refractive error and the appropriate prescription.
  • Keratometry: Measures your cornea’s curvature to spot any irregularities causing astigmatism.
  • Corneal Topography: Used in complex cases, this imaging technique maps your cornea’s surface to understand its shape and power.


Based on these tests’ results, we offer tailored treatment options including prescription glasses or contact lenses, Ortho-K lenses, or refractive surgery.

Contact Lens Fitting

At Art of Optiks, we prioritize your comfort by matching you with contact lenses tailored to your unique eye features. Our extensive eye examination precedes the fitting process, ensuring good eye health and identifying potential issues. During this procedure, our eye doctors guide you in lens application, assess comfort, and customize the lens type to fit your lifestyle. These measurements include:


  • Assessment of Corneal Curvature
  • Determination of Pupil Size
  • Evaluation of Tear Film


Our key goal is to provide an outstanding contact lens experience, with a focus on an accurate and comfortable fit. We offer a wide variety of contact lens types, materials, sizes, and colors to meet diverse patient preferences. Feel free to ask any questions during your fitting session. If certain brands interest you, we’re happy to accommodate. Your satisfaction and eye health are our top priorities.

closeup of contact lenses

Learning to Use Contacts

At Art of Optiks, we guide you through every aspect of contact lens usage. From cleaning techniques to recognizing abnormal symptoms, we ensure that you’re well-equipped to handle your lenses You can expect to go over the following during your appointment:


  • Correct Lens Cleaning Methods
  • Precise Techniques for Insertion and Removal
  • General Usage Guidelines
  • Recognition of Potential Abnormal Symptoms
  • Suitable Cleaning Solutions
  • Use of Rewetting Drops


Our goal is to ensure that your transition to wearing contact lenses is smooth and hassle-free!

Follow-Up Exams

During our comprehensive follow-up exams, our doctors meticulously assess the fit and comfort of your contact lenses, along with any changes in your vision. They also provide ongoing care, including adjustments to your prescription if necessary, to ensure that your contact lens experience is as seamless as possible.


We take the time to address any issues you may have encountered since your fitting, such as discomfort or difficulties with insertion and removal. We believe in proactive patient education and will guide you through recognizing potential abnormal symptoms, ensuring you know when it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention.


Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to provide precise and accurate examinations. We are conveniently located, making it easy for you to schedule and attend your follow-up appointments.

Locations & Doctors

Transitioning from glasses to contact lenses can be a significant change, but our dedicated team at Art of Optiks is here to support you at every turn. We’re committed to providing comprehensive guidance to ensure your comfort and ease with your new contact lenses. Don’t hesitate to bring up any questions or concerns as you adjust to this new experience. Your comfort, satisfaction, and eye health are our utmost priorities. 


With Art of Optiks, you’re not just receiving a pair of contact lenses; you’re joining a supportive community that will guide you through your new visual journey. Our doctors, Timothy Haupert and Victoria Whitman, are located at offices in Wayzata and Edina, Minnesota.

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