Contact Lens Fittings Coon Rapids
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Contact Lens Fittings Coon Rapids

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All You Need to Know

Transform your eyewear experience with the versatility of contact lenses. Discover heightened vision and style suitable for any occasion, whether a special event, sports activity, or a leisurely weekend. Our dedicated optometrists understand the demands of your dynamic lifestyle, offering a blend of comfort and adaptability. Take the first step in your contact lens journey by scheduling an appointment with us.


At Art of Optiks, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional consultations and fittings for contact lenses. Our experienced eye care professionals invest the time to grasp your unique needs, ensuring a seamless integration of contact lenses into your daily routine. Trust us to provide an informative and comfortable experience tailored to all your contact lens requirements.

Contact Lens Consultation

Remaining at the forefront of the constantly evolving contact lens industry, our practitioners consistently work towards improving the comfort, convenience, and accessibility of contact lens wearers. During the evaluation of your suitability for contact lenses, we consider a variety of factors.


Our practitioners invest significant time in comprehending your lifestyle and health, meticulously assessing how these elements impact the ideal choice of contact lenses personalized to your distinct requirements. Unique challenges may arise with specific eye conditions like astigmatism and dry eye syndrome. Our practitioners conduct comprehensive assessments to ascertain that contact lenses suit you appropriately. Our diverse array of lens options encompasses the following:

  • Daily Disposables
  • Monthly Disposables
  • Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
  • Multifocals
  • Monovision
  • Toric Multifocals
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Ortho-Keratology
  • RGPs
  • Hybrid Lenses

Beyond our thorough contact lens consultation, we offer an individualized one-on-one session designed to elevate your comfort and confidence with contact lenses. Recognizing that making the shift from glasses to contacts can be a substantial adjustment, particularly for newcomers, our seasoned technicians provide detailed guidance on the correct procedures for insertion and removal. This step-by-step assistance is aimed at helping you navigate the transition seamlessly, fostering confidence throughout the process.



Dry Eye

Dry eye is a more widespread condition than one might realize. It occurs when your eyes lack sufficient lubrication from tears, resulting in symptoms such as:


  • Stinging and Burning
  • Blurred Vision
  • Scratchy or Gritty Sensation
  • Redness or Irritation


In some instances, dry eye can affect the comfort of wearing contact lenses. Nevertheless, there’s no cause for concern, as we have personalized solutions crafted to meet your specific needs! Leveraging advanced technology, we adeptly tackle dryness issues. Additionally, our practitioners offer specialized contacts specifically designed to alleviate dry eye disease, ensuring you receive the relief and comfort you deserve.


Reclaim clear and comfortable vision by leaving behind the haziness and discomfort often linked with astigmatism. Our seasoned doctors will perform a thorough eye examination to assess whether you are affected by this prevalent condition. Astigmatism arises when the front surface of the eye has an irregular shape, causing light rays to bend unevenly and resulting in symptoms such as:


  • Blurred or Distorted Vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort or the Need to Squint


The good news is that if you have mild to moderate astigmatism, you can often fix it with glasses or contact lenses. So, if you want clear vision and comfort, it’s worth addressing your astigmatism today.

Contact Lens Fitting

Start your quest for ultimate comfort and confidence with our individualized process for fitting contact lenses. Our committed professionals make certain that your specific requirements are addressed through thorough conversations and personalized advice. Whether it’s a single meeting or several appointments, we always prioritize your comfort. Take advantage of expert guidance on care instructions and valuable tips for maintaining your contact lenses, covering:


  • Corneal Curvature
  • Pupil Size
  • Tear Film Evaluation


Make the switch to contact lenses effortlessly and enjoy a heightened level of comfort and freedom. Our dedicated team of physicians is ready to equip you with all the essential information for a smooth transition. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns – ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

closeup of contact lenses

Learning to Use Contacts

Ready for unparalleled comfort and confidence with our personalized contact lens fitting process? Our devoted team of eye doctors prioritizes your specific needs, engaging in tailored discussions that align with your preferences. Whether you choose a single session or multiple appointments, our steadfast commitment remains constant, ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the contact lens fitting journey.

Learn the ropes of caring for your contact lenses with expert tips that give you valuable insights. This easy-to-follow guidance covers important topics like:


  • Proper Lens Cleaning Techniques
  • Accurate Procedures for Insertion and Removal
  • General Usage Recommendations
  • Identification of Possible Irregular Symptoms
  • Appropriate Cleaning Solutions
  • Utilization of Rewetting Drops


Elevate your eyewear experience with Art of Optiks by transitioning to contact lenses, where comfort and freedom converge. Our dedicated team is ready to provide all the necessary information for a seamless switch. Never hesitate to pose questions – your satisfaction remains our unwavering priority.

Follow-Up Exams

To maximize the benefits of your new contact lenses, it’s crucial to follow these important steps. Begin by familiarizing yourself with your lenses once you’ve obtained your prescription. Additionally, recognize the importance of scheduling a crucial follow-up appointment to ensure a smooth transition and a perfect fit for your eyes.


At Art of Optiks, we’re more than just about clear vision. We prioritize your comfort and confidence with your new lenses. Our follow-up appointment is crucial for your eye health, involving regular check-ins and yearly examinations. We’re dedicated to making any needed adjustments, ensuring your contact lenses consistently provide the best experience.


If you ever feel discomfort or dryness while wearing your lenses, our devoted team of eye care professionals are here to help. It could be a sign for a different lens type or disinfecting solution, and you can trust us to address your concerns and guide you toward a solution that puts your comfort and optimal eye health first.

Locations & Doctors

We’ve assembled an outstanding team of dedicated doctors committed to delivering unparalleled optical expertise and care for patients of all ages. Our award-winning doctors prioritize clear communication and transparency, building enduring relationships with patients. Every patient’s experience is crafted to meet their unique optical needs, ensuring a visit that is both personalized and informative. At Art of Optiks, we blend precision and convenience to guarantee that every visit is truly tailored to you.


Explore one of our top-notch eye care centers, led by the esteemed Dr. Whitman, in partnership with Twin Cities Vision Therapy. Dr. Whitman specializes in pediatric care, routine exams, contact lenses, and expertly managing a broad spectrum of eye conditions. With multiple convenient locations, Art of Optiks ensures easy access to our comprehensive services. Begin your journey to a comfortable contact lens fitting experience today at one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata today.

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