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Comprehensive Eye Exams Plymouth

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Plymouth

plymouth eye exams

A Unique Journey for You

The eyes are undoubtedly one of the human body’s most complex and dynamic organs. At Art of Optiks, we understand that quality vision extends beyond a simple prescription, thus we couldn’t recommend more our Plymouth eye exams. With the ability to distinguish between approximately 10 million different colors and focus on an astounding 50 unique objects each second, your eyes – and the quality of your vision – play a crucial role in your perception of the world. 


Our care team is committed to providing a comfortable, luxurious, comprehensive eye examination for every patient – thanks to our cutting-edge medical and optical technology. If you’re looking for a reliable Plymouth eye doctor for a high-quality eye exam, you’re in the right place.

Patient History + Background

A key aspect of a comprehensive eye exam is looking at the patient's health history, which is vital in determining needs and next steps. By providing our eye doctors with accurate information about your background, we can effectively document any special conditions that might impact your ocular health. This type of background information includes current or historical family eye pathology, allergies to certain medicines, or environmental factors that could be affecting your vision. Your Plymouth eye doctor will work to understand the significance of your health history by carefully obtaining accurate details, recording relevant info, maintaining open communication, and ensuring a thorough examination.

Visual Acuity

The Snellen Eye Chart is a valuable tool used by our eye doctors at Art of Optiks to assess your distance vision and the sharpness of your eyesight. Our Plymouth eye doctors are experienced professionals that can conduct the visual acuity test using this chart. During the test, you'll be seated at a standard distance and asked to identify symbols or letters of varying sizes. As you progress down the chart, the symbols and letters will become progressively smaller, thus presenting a greater challenge to read. This time-tested exam allows us to measure how clearly we can see in the eye, with or without corrective lenses. Further, we understand the importance of catering to diverse needs, so we offer a range of chars with different symbols and techniques to test visual acuity in non-verbal, bilingual, or child patients.

Refraction + Binocular Vision

Refraction is a vital process that assists our Plymouth eye doctors with determining the most suitable prescription lenses to correct your eyesight and achieve optimal visual outcomes. If you've visited one of our locations in Edina or Wayzata, you might recall the eye doctor asking if ``one or two`` looks better. This simple test allows them to assess and identify the contacts or glasses that will offer the best support. Our eye doctors utilize their expertise to find the right balance between comfort and clarity. We recognize that it's vital for you to feel both confident and satisfied with your prescription in every situation. Additionally, each eye may have different evaluation results, but our eye doctors excel at evaluating how your eyes work together to ensure the corrective lenses meet your daily visual demands.

Basic Color Vision Evaluation

Your Plymouth eye doctors will understand the need to assess your color vision as well. In addition to comprehensive eye exams, Art of Optiks conducts screening tests to identify and rule out hereditary color vision deficiencies, color blindness, and any other potential eye health issues that could be impacting your color vision now or could impact it in the future. This type of screening test is a crucial indication of our commitment to your holistic eye health. By conducting this screening, we can ensure that your color vision remains clear and unaffected.

Eye Health

One of the most important aspects of a comprehensive eye exam is the general health of your eyes. Art of Optiks Plymouth offers a variety of tests to detect current and future ocular illnesses and conditions. We look at both the outside and inside of the eye. 

A wrong diagnosis can have long-term implications on your vision, which is why eye health is so important.

Slit Lamp Evaluation

Using slit-lamp technology and high-intensity light, our specialists at Art of Optiks Plymouth can examine both the surface and internal parts of the eye in detail. 


Every slit lamp at Plymouth is equipped with a DSLR MVC camera, which allows our clinicians to construct an educational experience for you as a patient based on the images obtained. They can detect cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, melanoma, and carcinomas, among other things.


Without annual eye exams, doctors are unable to detect eye issues at an early stage, and at Art of Optiks Plymouth, we believe that understanding this is critical in motivating patients to come in for their yearly check-ups.


Our experts can see within your eyes without having surgery, giving them great insight into your body. The following systemic problems can be discovered during an eye exam:


  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid abnormalities
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Lupus

Contact Lens Evaluations

We provide a full inspection of contact lenses when you visit us in Plymouth. We can include this in a package for your annual eye exam if you choose. We have professionals on hand to explain the best health options for your lifestyle and prescribe the best pair of contact lenses for you. With so many advancements in the contact lens field, our experts will ensure you have the technology you require. Our practice provides the following lenses:

  • Daily disposables
  • Monthly disposables
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Multifocals
  • Monovision
  • Toric multifocals
  • Scleral lenses
  • Ortho-keratology
  • RGPs
  • Hybrid lenses

If this is your first time wearing contact lenses you shouldn’t worry, we offer thorough insight into how to use them. Transitioning is not easy, but at Art of Optiks Plymouth, we ensure you are well-prepared and educated to follow the best practices for you.

closeup of contact lenses

Vision Therapy

There is no better place to improve the vision and efficiency of persons who are experiencing visual problems than Art of Optiks. We provide the greatest option whether you want to improve your reading, sports performance, or any other field.

Dry Eye

What is the best way to tell whether you have dry eyes? Constantly fatigued eyes at the end of the day, or waking up with red eyes, may be signs. Art of Optiks takes a different approach so you can live more comfortably. To learn more, please contact our clinic today.

Locations & Doctors

You don’t want to go too long before your Plymouth eye exam, lasik consultation, or any other treatment. With one call, you can open the door to many options, from dry eye to vision therapy, or anything else you need. Contact Art of Optiks today to book a consultation and start your journey to better eye health. 

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