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Comprehensive Eye Exams Minnetonka

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Minnetonka

eye exams minnetonka

A Unique Journey for You

When it comes to finding a Minnetonka eye doctor, you should look no further than the Art of Optiks. With a highly-rated comprehensive eye exam, you will have your vision checked and analyzed by the best in the business.


During your Minnetonka eye exam, you will undergo various tests and measurements to determine your eligibility for different treatment options. These selections include a Lasik consultation, vision therapy, contacts, glasses, or dry eye treatment.

Patient History + Background

As you settle in for your Minnetonka eye exam, you will first be asked to fill out a questionnaire that speaks to your medical history and that of your immediate family. This information will help your Minnetonka eye doctor look for things that may otherwise be missed. While some familial conditions may not currently be present in your vision, the doctor can document their status and use it as a baseline. As you continue with your routine comprehensive eye exams, your Minnetonka eye doctor can monitor your vision for any changes.

Visual Acuity

As one of the primary tests you will undertake during your Minnetonka eye exam, you will be asked to view a board from across the room and recite back what letters, numbers, and shapes you see from a distance. This visual acuity test allows your Minnetonka eye doctor to understand your vision's limitations when it comes to distance. The activity helps them understand what areas need work and which meet their expectations.

Refraction + Binocular Vision

Another critical aspect that your Minnetonka eye doctor will cover during your comprehensive eye exam is when they are trying to find what type of glasses or contacts you need going forward. For some, having a specific type of refraction in the lens is necessary. For others, a level of binocular vision helps to correct any issues. At times, the refraction or binocular vision level may rule out certain forms of treatment. For some patients, a Lasik consultation will be off the table. Others may be unable to utilize contacts due to the strength of the prescription.

Basic Color Vision Evaluation

When performing your comprehensive eye exam, a Minnetonka eye doctor will monitor your vision for color deficits. As time passes, some individuals will start to lose a level of color. This change can happen gradually or suddenly. As you continue to get routine check-ups, your Minnetonka eye doctor will be able to monitor your levels and see if an issue is starting to form.

Eye Health

We prioritize comprehensive eye exams to safeguard your vision. Our skilled Minnetonka eye doctors meticulously examine both internal and external aspects of your eyes, detecting any underlying conditions or diseases. Trust us to preserve and enhance your visual acuity through our thorough evaluations, prioritizing your eye health and providing the care you deserve.

Slit Lamp Evaluation

Our comprehensive Minnetonka eye exams utilize a slit lamp to evaluate the internal and external parts of your eyes. Equipped with high-intensity light and a DSLR MVC camera, our skilled doctors can identify various eye conditions and provide an educational experience for each patient. 


Scheduling annual eye exams is crucial for early detection and treatment of diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and melanoma. Trust us for thorough exams that prioritize your eye health and overall well-being.

Contact Lens Evaluations

Our comprehensive Minnetonka eye exams include a thorough contact lens evaluation. Our eye doctors consider your lifestyle and eye health to determine the most suitable contacts for you. 


With a wide range of lenses and personalized care, we cater to your contact lens needs. Whether you’re new to contacts or need a refresher, our friendly technicians provide one-on-one classes for confident insertion and removal. Trust us for the best options and personalized care for your contact lenses.

closeup of contact lenses

Vision Therapy

At Art of Optiks Minnetonka, we are thrilled to provide vision therapy, a transformative treatment that enhances the efficiency and quality of vision for people of all ages. This specialized therapy improves the coordination and teamwork of the eyes, leading to benefits such as increased reading accuracy, improved sports performance, and more.

Dry Eye

If you find your eyes tired and fatigued by the end of the day or frequently wake up with red eyes, you could be experiencing symptoms of dry eyes. At our Minnetonka clinic, we provide a unique approach to diagnosing and treating dry eyes, ensuring a more comfortable life for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help alleviate your dry eye symptoms and improve your eye health.

Locations & Doctors

Our award-winning Minnetonka eye doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional optical expertise and care to each patient. We prioritize our patients, delivering outstanding service and comprehensive education about their optical conditions. With a commitment to satisfaction, our doctors aim to create an exceptional customer experience during every visit to Art of Optiks.


At Art of Optiks, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to our patients, made possible by the expertise of doctors Timothy Haupert and Victoria Whitman.

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