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Comprehensive Eye Exams Golden Valley

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Golden Valley

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A Unique Journey for You

Emphasizing patient care and going above and beyond to offer a luxury experience has set the Golden Valley eye doctors at Art of Optiks apart for two decades. As an independent optometrist practice, our mission is to support eye health, educate our patients, and use our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver professional Golden Valley eye exams.

The need for vision correction is increasing. Indeed, from one age group to another, the percentage of the population that needs glasses varies from 53 to 77%.

The American Optometric Association recommends one exam every two years and one annual exam for those over 65. That makes a comprehensive eye exam from a Golden Valley eye doctor vital.

Patient History + Background

At Art of Optiks, we know every patient is unique. Our Golden Valley eye exams always begin with a few questions about your family history and lifestyle. Knowing more about your background helps our Golden Valley eye doctors tailor your comprehensive eye exams based on your unique risks. That takes you a step closer toward something like Lasik consultation or a corrective solution like glasses.

Visual Acuity

Next, your Golden Valley eye doctor will measure your visual acuity with a Snellen eye chart as part of our comprehensive eye exams. It assesses your ability to read letters and numbers at a distance. We use the latest tech to ensure our Golden Valley eye exams diagnose eye health problems early and help us develop customized treatment plans. This test is an important part of our Golden Valley eye exams because it creates a baseline for your vision health and helps spot common conditions like myopia or nearsightedness.

Refraction + Binocular Vision

Do you have a refraction error that affects your vision? Your Golden Valley eye doctor from Art of Optiks will find out by using specialized equipment that shines a light on your cornea. Golden Valley eye exams also involve binocular vision tests to measure your focus, visual perception, spatial awareness, eye mobility, and more. If you need glasses or contacts, your Golden Valley eye doctor will compare how different lenses perform to find the correct prescription strength.

Basic Color Vision Evaluation

Our Golden Valley eye exams also include the Ishihara test. Its purpose is to measure your ability to detect contrasting colors and diagnose conditions like color blindness.

Eye Health

Golden Valley eye exams also consider the overall health of your eyes. Besides detecting conditions that affect your ability to see, read, and focus, your Golden Valley eye doctor from Art of Optiks can screen for serious health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

Slit Lamp Evaluation

A slit lamp evaluation is a test that allows your Golden Valley eye doctor to examine the inside and outside of your eye. These kinds of Golden Valley eye exams capture images thanks to the built-in DSLR MVC camera.

Your Golden Valley eye doctor from Art of Optiks can also screen for unusual blood vessel formations, cataracts, macular degeneration, and damage to the cornea.

Contact Lens Evaluations

Our Golden Valley eye exams also include a contact lens evaluation if you’d prefer not to wear glasses. Your eye doctor will determine if you’re a good candidate for wearing contacts. They will also discuss how to safely insert, remove, and store contacts if you’re new to wearing them.

If you’d like to explore alternatives to vision correction, like glasses or contacts, you can also request a lasik consultation with a Golden Valley eye doctor from Art of Optiks to learn more about your options.

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Vision Therapy

During your Golden Valley eye exam, we sometimes recommend vision therapy. It’s a personalized approach that includes eye exercises and other strategies designed to strengthen your vision. This therapy can be done in addition to other treatments.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a painful condition that affects 16 million Americans. This occurs when your eyes become unable to produce or retain lubrication. Fortunately, your Golden Valley eye doctor from Art of Optiks can diagnose and treat dry eye during our comprehensive eye exam.

Locations & Doctors

At Art of Optiks, our priority is to support eye health through comprehensive Golden Valley eye exams. You can count on a Golden Valley eye doctor to answer all your questions, whether it’s about vision correction services, an informative lasik consultation, or dry eye treatment.

You can count on our Golden Valley eye doctors to put patients first. Plus, we work with a wide range of insurance companies to make eye health and Golden Valley eye exams accessible and affordable, including Humana, Tricare, and Cigna.

We take the time to develop personalized treatment plans, and do everything we can to deliver an outstanding experience. Find your Golden Valley eye doctor today to book your comprehensive eye examination.

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