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Comprehensive Eye Exams Bloomington

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Bloomington

eye exam bloomington

A Unique Journey for You

We depend on our eyes more than any other part of our body. That’s why it’s essential to look into Bloomington eye exams to support their health. If you’re looking for a Bloomington eye doctor, don’t hesitate to give Art of Optiks a call. 

Besides our comprehensive eye exams, we provide a well-rounded list of services, including lasik consultation, dry eye assessment, glasses, and contacts fittings. When you seek the assistance of a Bloomington eye doctor from Art of Optiks, you want someone who will listen and help you outline a plan that works for you and your lifestyle going forward. 

You will begin with one of the best Bloomington eye exams to see what options are available to you based on your diagnosis. Following that, you will have an opportunity to learn more about our treatment plans, including a lasik consultation, contacts, or something else.

Patient History + Background

When you sit down with your Bloomington eye doctor from Art of Optiks, they will need to understand your health history and whether or not an underlying medical condition is contributing to eye issues. Additionally, your Bloomington eye exams will rely on information that comes from any family history of eye conditions. Bloomington eye exams considers these factors to accurately diagnose you and monitor your eyesight for ongoing deterioration or signs of disease.

Visual Acuity

When you think about sitting with a Bloomington eye doctor, you will often flash back to the memories of having a comprehensive eye exam as a child and having to recite what letters you could see on a board. Today’s Bloomington eye exams still include that to assess your visual acuity. This test helps doctors to see at what distance you can see most easily and which needs assistance.

Refraction + Binocular Vision

Your Bloomington eye doctor from Art of Optiks will continue with their comprehensive eye exam to see if you must have glasses or contacts. They will determine what type of refraction is needed for you to see most clearly. In addition, your Bloomington eye exam will show whether or not you require any level of binocular vision in your glasses prescription. You will be asked which view is more clear, which will help your doctor see whether glasses are best and if you are eligible for a lasik consultation.

Basic Color Vision Evaluation

Another condition that your Bloomington eye doctor from Art of Optiks will keep tabs on is the decrease in your ability to decipher colors. While this issue often happens gradually over time, it sometimes comes on suddenly. Our Bloomington eye exams will help you stay ahead of any sudden changes.

Eye Health

The general health of your eyes is one of the most crucial parts of a full eye exam. Art of Optiks Bloomington provides several tests to detect any present or future ocular disorders and conditions. We examine both the exterior and interior aspects of the eye. 

Anything that goes misdiagnosed can have long-term effects on your eyesight, which is why eye health is so essential

Slit Lamp Evaluation

At Art of Optiks Bloomington, our specialists can examine both the surface and internal elements of the eye in detail using slit-lamp tech and high-intensity light. 


Every slit lamp we have at Bloomington is equipped with a DSLR MVC camera, which means the captured images enable our doctors to create an educational experience for you as a patient. They can detect cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, melanoma, and carcinomas, as well as many other eye health issues.


Not getting annual eye exams prevents doctors from discovering eye disorders at an early stage, and at Art of Optiks Bloomington, we feel that knowing this is vital in motivating patients to come in for their yearly check-ups.


Our specialists can see within your eyes without requiring surgery, providing incredible insight into your body. Systemic disorders that can be detected during an eye exam include:


  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid abnormalities
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Lupus

Contact Lens Evaluations

When you visit us at Bloomington, we offer a thorough evaluation of contact lenses. If you wish to, we can include this in a package for your annual eye exam. We have professionals ready to discuss the best health options for your lifestyle and recommend a suitable pair of contact lenses. With so many innovations in the contact lens world, our team will make sure you have the tech you need. We offer the following lenses at our practice:

  • Daily disposables
  • Monthly disposables
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Multifocals
  • Monovision
  • Toric multifocals
  • Scleral lenses
  • Ortho-keratology
  • RGPs
  • Hybrid lenses

If this is your first time wearing contact lenses you shouldn’t worry, we offer thorough insight into how to use them. Transitioning is not easy, but at Art of Optiks Bloomington, we ensure you are well-prepared and educated to follow the best practices for you.

closeup of contact lenses

Vision Therapy

There’s no better place to improve the vision and efficiency of people struggling with eyesight than our eye clinic at Bloomington. Whether you want to improve your reading, sports performance, or any other area, we offer the best alternative.

Dry Eye

Who do you know if you have dry eyes? Constantly tired eyes at the end of the day, or waking up with red eyes can be an indication. Our Bloomington clinic offers a unique approach to it so you can live more comfortably.

Locations & Doctors

You don’t want to go too long before your Bloomington eye exams. With one call, you can open the door to many treatment options, from dry eye to vision therapy, from our qualified Bloomington Art of Optiks eye doctors in no time. Contact Art of Optiks today to book a consultation and start your journey to better eye health.

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