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Comprehensive Eye Examinations Long Lake

Comprehensive Eye Examinations Long Lake

eye glass long lake

A Unique Journey for You

Whether you need an annual eye exam or a lasik consultation, you want to find the right Long Lake eye doctor. Art of Optiks understands the importance of eye health and vision, offering services to people in the Long Lake area.

Long Lake eye exams are only the starting point of your vision journey. Eyes are so complex that you must care for them in specific ways. Art of Optiks uses the latest technology for Long Lake eye exams, assessing your eye health and vision quality and helping you find the right pair of glasses. Art of Optiks works with your insurance company, partnering with providers, such as:

  • BCBS
  • Eyemed
  • Health Partners
  • Medica
  • United Health Care
  • VSP

Eye exams at our facilities will tell you if you need glasses, and our care team can teach you how to wear contacts. An annual comprehensive eye exam is crucial for your eye health, so make an appointment today.

Patient History + Background

Understanding your background helps the care team at Art of Optiks deliver the best service. Knowing the common causes of eye pain can make the difference between us prescribing contacts or glasses. If you have a family history of dry eye or medication allergies, we’ll ensure we provide what you need for vision health.

Visual Acuity

A Long Lake eye doctor from Art of Optiks can test your vision at varying distances, noticing if you have trouble seeing up close or far away. Your vision can differ in each eye, so the exam will consider each eye and how they see together. You’ll read from an eye chart with letters and numbers in distinct sizes to best test your vision.

Refraction + Binocular Vision

A comprehensive eye exam can give insight into what prescription best suits your vision. Our care team will try two lenses, asking you which looks better. They’ll keep offering different views so you get an idea of how clear your sight can be. We have access to all lenses to ensure you can see up close and far away.

Basic Color Vision Evaluation

There are hereditary color vision deficiencies that glasses and contacts won’t resolve independently. Our care team will conduct screening tests to get a full picture of your vision quality and improve your eye health over time.

Eye Health

Whether you want information on how your diet impacts your vision or need a lasik consultation, a Long Lake eye doctor from Art of Optiks will start by assessing your general eye health. We can check for ocular conditions and diseases that may impact your vision.

Slit Lamp Evaluation

Our Long Lake eye exams include a slit lamp evaluation that checks the front and back of your eyes. It uses high-intensity light to get a full picture of your eye health, capturing images with a DSLR MVC camera.

From this exam, the provider will notice any concern that may cause health issues, including:

  • Carcinomas
  • Cataracts
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Melanoma

This type of exam allows eye doctors to see the inside of your eye without requiring invasive surgery. It’s a way to preserve your vision and ensure you can see as clearly as possible.

Contact Lens Evaluations

Before buying contact lenses, you need an evaluation with an Art of Optiks optical technician who can find the right contacts for you. You may want daily or monthly disposables or need special lenses for multifocal, monovision, or hybrid lenses. If you’re new to vision assistance or previously wore glasses, our care team can show you how to insert, remove, and care for contacts.

closeup of contact lenses

Vision Therapy

Instead of relying on a lasik consultation to improve your vision, Art of Optiks includes access to a Long Lake eye doctor that provides vision therapy. This service can help people of all ages improve their quality of vision, boosting agility and reading accuracy.

Dry Eye

If you wake up with red eyes or notice your eyes seem tired at the end of the day, you need a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you have dry eyes. If so, the care team at Art of Optiks can diagnose and treat the condition to ensure you feel comfortable, healthy, and still have clear vision.

Locations & Doctors

Art of Optiks offers Long Lake eye exams, eyewear collections, and lasik consultations in your area. Our eye doctors are incredibly skilled and work with patients of all ages to ensure maximum comfort and the clearest vision. Contact Art of Optiks today to schedule an appointment with a Long Lake eye doctor and keep your eyes in top form.

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