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Blake Kuwahara eyewear is inspired by the designer himself and defined by a paradox. Simple yet sleek, subtle yet edgy. This luxury eyewear collection is perfect for those who can never seem to find the right glasses to fit their personality. People who are multi-faceted and want their glasses to reflect that will find the perfect pair within the Blake Kuwahara eyewear brand.

Glasses that are artful yet wearable make up the Blake Kuwahara eyewear collection. The brand is known for its unique silhouettes, which often appear to have two frames. All of the glasses are created with careful production techniques and handiwork. The inner silhouette of the glasses is encased in an unexpected outer shape. This fusion and the juxtaposing forms and colors create a unique design tension, and the glasses that result are entirely modern yet very comfortable.

Anyone searching for their next pair of designer eyewear should try on a pair of Blake Kuwahara glasses. The varying shapes and colors of the frames offer an option for every face type and style preference. If you want to send a message with your glasses, then Blake Kuwahara is the eyewear brand for you.

Behind the Brand: Eyewear Innovator Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara couldn’t find the perfect pair of glasses for himself, so he created his own prototype. A friend later noticed the glasses and praised them, saying she wanted a pair just like them. This interaction inspired Kuwahara, who has a doctorate of optometry degree from UC Berkeley, to create his own collection of glasses. A mashup of aesthetics, with special attention to sculpting and tactility, make up the signature Blake Kuwahara eyeglasses.

Today, Blake Kuwahara is recognized as one of the top designers of eyewear. He is the founder and creative director of a boutique design firm committed to branding and designing eyewear and fashion companies. Kuwahara has designed eyewear collections for top luxury brands, including Coach, Converse, Lucky Brand, and New York-based fashion designers Carolina Herrera, Isaac Mizrahi, Behnaz Sarafpour, and John Varvatos. He also created a collection for the legendary haute couture Japanese fashion designer Hanae Mori.

With this diverse experience, Blake Kuwahara knows the world of eyewear from the inside out. Glasses wearers can trust this brand to deliver some of the most innovative and durable glasses on the market today. Since 2014, Blake Kuwahara eyewear has offered sunglasses and optical frames fit for endless personalities and faces.

Extraordinary Glasses for Everyday Wear

Not many people can say they have the same glasses as celebrities as famous as Sandra Bullock and Will Smith. When you choose Blake Kuwahara eyewear, you choose a brand known and trusted among Hollywood actors and singers alike. For the best everyday eyewear with a flair, turn to Blake Hukwahara. Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry, Robert Downey, Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Casey Affleck, Slash, and Charlize Theron are among the celebrities who don Blake Hukwahara eyewear on the regular.

Invest in a Pair of Blake Kuwahara Glasses Today

The unique glasses by Blake Kuwahara are incomparable to others on the market. Their frames, which run in endless styles and sizes, will make you feel original every time you put them on. If you can’t decide between edgy and sleek or maximalism and minimalism, then Blake Kuwahara glasses are perfect for you. This brand doesn’t make you choose. You can have it all with a pair of Blake Kuwahara eyewear.

Try on a pair of Blake Kuwahara glasses for yourself today at Art of Optiks in Edina or Wayzata. Our associates will help you choose the best frame, as one of only two retailers in Minnesota with Blake Kuwahara eyewear. Stop by today to discover the latest collection.

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