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In the same way makeup, fashionable clothing, or cologne can boost a person’s self-esteem, the creators of Bevel eyewear believe that eyeglasses should invoke confidence by complementing skin tones and facial features.

Founded by Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson in 1999, Bevel eyewear prioritizes filling the need for prescription lenses while simultaneously boosting self-esteem. All frames are crafted with care and precision, and there is truly a unique pair of Bevel frames suited for everyone.

Bevel boasts impeccable Japanese craftsmanship for comfortable wear. Instead of aiming for pure luxury, Mewha and Nelson look to create high-quality and enjoyable eyewear experiences with minimalist designs. We carry Bevel frames at both Art of Optiks locations.

Exceptional Glasses for Everyday Wear

Bevel frames add style and flair to common circumstances. Whether you need to wear glasses to read or attend an elegant event, Bevel spectacles are intentionally designed to be flexible and sophisticated in any situation.

Bevel eyewear has a melting pot of influences, even the two founders are vastly different. Richard Mewha is an Englishman who loves living in New York City, traveling, and consuming independent cinema and music. On the other hand, Rick Nelson is an all-American man who was born, raised, and still resides in the suburbs of Kansas City.

Bevel prioritizes midwestern warmth, as it is headquartered in Kansas City. However, all Bevel frames are proudly handcrafted in Japan in limited quantities with the highest quality acetate and titanium available. Due to the premium nature of these materials, Bevel frames are less prone to distortion, which reduces the need for adjustments.

Colors, Shapes, and Sizes For Diverse Faces

Did you know that there are seven different face shapes? Each person can have a round, heart, oval, square, diamond, pear, or oblong face shape. Many eyewear companies mass-produce one-size-fits-all frames, while Bevel embraces everyone’s unique differences with versatile frames that suit any face shape.

Additionally, Bevel carefully crafts colored frames that complement every skin tone. Bevel also prioritizes offering petite and oversized frames in men’s and women’s styles so that no silhouette is excluded from fashionable eyewear.

Take Home a Pair of Bevel Glasses Today

Bevel eyewear is popular among celebrities like Taylor Swift, Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone, and more. The classic, timeless designs are fit for both the red carpet and movie nights at home. Enhance the features that make you alluring and unique with stylish and durable frames from Bevel.

Try on expertly crafted and intentionally designed Bevel eyeglasses for yourself at Art of Optiks in Edina or Wayzata. Art of Optiks is proud to be one of the only retailers in Minnesota that carries Bevel eyewear. Don’t miss your opportunity to find the perfect frame for your features by stopping in today.

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